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Wedding with John Stamos


Wedding Proposal

Actor John Stamos and supermodel Rebecca Romijn are engaged to be married. The 34-year-old former Full House star popped the question on Christmas Eve 1997 after lighting candles and giving Romijn a two-hour massage. Then, wearing nothing but a smile, Stamos got down on one knee and slipped a cigar band on her finger as a token of his love (the band was eventually replaced by a four-carat emerald-cut Boucheron diamond in a platinum setting). "He chose it all by himself" Romijn said. "I couldn't have piced out anything more beautiful." No wedding date has been set.

Original article: E!

Bachelorette Party

Rebecca Romijn tells to "FHM magazine" about her bachelorette party in Las Vegas:

They had me blindfolded and handcuffed to a male blowup doll , - which was anatomically correct, by the way - which my mother named Dick.


They forced me to walk around the casino handcuffed to it for four hours, until Dick was apprehended by the casino police.

Original article: New York Daily News


Rebecca Romijn tells: "I was nervous before the ceremony, but it was different from stage fright. There were 12 of us getting ready in one room at the Beverly Hills Hotel, and it was nerve-racking. When our minister, Disciples of Christ pastor Larry Keene, walked in, I knew it was serious and I burst into tears-that was my reflective moment. John swears he was never, ever nervous.

An hour before, John sent me a plate of chocolate-covered strawberries and a letter. At the end, it said, "PS: I'll see you at the altar, and I will know it's you because you will be wearing this pin." It was the most beautiful, antique diamond pin with two hearts intertwined. I put it in my hair.

We wrote our vows separately, but they ended up being almost identical. We even had the same joke. He said, "You already know how to make me feel like the most important person in the world, but what you don't know how to do is cook, so I promise to keep you out of the kitchen and to always cook for you." I said, "I promise I'll never cook.""

The first vow-swapping for both featured several of Romijn's supermodel pals-- Tyra Banks and Heidi Klum, among them.

On hand for Stamos--and temporarily taking a break from his sand box--was Beach Boy creative force Brian Wilson. (Stamos, who was on Full House for eight years, has sat in at drums for the Beach Boys in recent years.)

Other celebs attending included several former Full House-rs (über-twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen), and Bob Saget--as well as ex- Saturday Night Live comedians David Spade and Rob Schneider. Guests who came to the wedding were asked to bring a flower and insert it into an archway of greenery at the head of the aisle.

Rebecca Romijn wore an elegant white square-neck Badgley Mischka dress and a cathedral-length Chantilly-lace veil with crystal-and-pearl tiara. "Rebecca wanted something that was modern and glamorous, something that harked back to old Hollywood," says Mark Badgley. "The dress had a bit of vintage feel to it."

Rebecca continues: "At the reception, my Dutch relatives changed out of their tuxedos into farmer costumes and wooden shoes and came clomping in singing this hilarious, rowdy song to the tune of "The Battle Hymn of the Republic." The lyrics were like "She's a very naughty lady, she's a very naughty lady. . . ." It's a tradition in my family to roast whoever is being honored. They sang in Dutch first, then in English, then they translated it into Greek for John's family, and everyone was jumping up and down laughing. Later we handed out the lyrics to "What a Wonderful World" and asked everyone to sing along. Each time they sang the chorus, everyone toasted. We had tears in our eyes watching all the people we love swaying to this beautiful song. It was just joy, joy, joy."

After the wedding, John and Rebecca are showered with rose petals tossed by friends and family. Later, the guests, who were given parchment scrolls inscribed with the words to "What a Wonderful World," serenaded the couple. The bridesmaids, in sage-green gowns of iridescent chiffon from Watters and Watters, wore crystal necklaces, earrings and barrettes made by the bride; John's two sisters, both of whom were expecting, wore less revealing styles in
matching hues.

Then there was a three-course dinner in the hotel's Crystal Ballroom consisting of Portobello-mushroom tricolor ravioli, a grilled-vegetable salad and a choice of herb-crusted beef tenderloin of Parmesan-and-basil-crusted Chilean sea bass.

Photographer of the wedding was Yitzhak Dalal

Original articles: People & US (issue 252) & InStyle 2/1999


People Online has a short report about the honeymoon of Rebecca Romijn and John Stamos:

It sounded so sweet when newlyweds John Stamos and Rebecca Romijn set sail to cruise the Greek islands for their 10-day honeymoon. "The first part was like a Jenny Jones Show honeymoon nightmare episode," reports Rebecca. "First, the boat broke down, and men worked on the boiler all night long. Then, we both got seasick." After that, the Stamoses flew to Paris, where it rained. But all's well that ends well: They wound up in a tiki hut on Necker Island, the private Caribbean retreat of British business mogul Richard Branson. "It was absolute paradise," recollects the bride. "The honeymoon took a complete 180. We were in pure wedded bliss."

Original article: People

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