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Jason Ross

I think you are one of the hottest and sexiest women models ever since Elle MacPherson came along. It's too bad you divorced your husband TV and Movie actor John Stamos. But guess what I'm available for you. Maybe someday when we get together just the two of us. You can take a plane and fly up here to Canada? Because I live in Thunder Bay, Ontario. We can go to a private hotel room and get naked by having sex with each other in bed. First I will do is climb onto your back and you can give me a piggyback ride. Then I'll put my penis into your vagina. Where your ass is and I will fuck you forever!!After that we'll hug and kiss by making exotic and passionate love. We can also get married and I could be a male model just like you. Last but not least will make a plan by doing an x-rated porno film and call it "Jason & Rebecca's Orgasim Adventures"! What do you think of that idea?I LOVE YOU REBECCA ROMIJN!!


The Punisher DVD is out now! If you pick it up at www.MarvelCollection .com you will get an free Punisher flask! It was one of the best action movies of the year! Go get it now!


Great site. I think this woman deserves a site like this. She seems like a down to earth, genuine person that likes to have fun. More power to her.


Lovely site you have.I read you have dutch roots.can you talk dutch?tot ziens


cool site! keep it working

Bim Tumann

hey, cool site and many greetings to you back!!!


Great Site. Fantastic!!


hey i think it wuz sooo kool wen yu had sex with that guy.


Very nice and useful website. Please visit my new website!!!


Hello and great site here. I still need to see X2. I hope it's good. Please visit my site www.the-garagesale.n et if you want collectibles on Rebecca and many more other celebs. Please come on by!


keep off!!!!!

Paula Bland-Phillips

You look like a lovely model to me. I've arranged several great parties in London. If your in town, e-mail me.

Michael David Garner

You are most exquisitely beautiful woman I have ever seen !!!!!!! I absolutely adore you !!!!!!! Please E-mail me anytime !!! P.S. Sorry about you and John. (NOT) Ha Ha Just kidding! Luv Ya Michael

E Sherman

This is a wonderfully put together site. What a nice tribute. Bravo.


I went to high school with Rebecca. This is a really nice website. I have all four of her yearbook pictures if anyone is interested.


Did anyone go see the Punisher movie yet? I have to say, I think it's the best comic book movie to ever come out. It's definitely worth checking out! If you want to see a trailer of the movie, go to, and you can also buy some awesome Punisher Merchandise while your there!


Wanted to say how sorry I am for the news of your break up. I'm really pissed at that really mean paparizzi.
Can't belive you didn't deck him for his really mean coments. I would slap a rentraining orser on him so fast. i hope you do. To let him get away with that type of behavior is just not cool. Best of luck to you. Can't wait to see God send. Lots of love )


"Certain fashions will be introduced that will offend Our Lord very much!"

"More souls go to hell because of sins of the flesh than for any other reason."

- The most holy, most pure, most blessed and glorious Lady, the Mother of God and ever virgin Mary to Blessed Jacinta of Fatima

Nibaldo Lagos

A Grating from Santiago,Chile.
I just want to invite you to visit our coutry, specially tha south of Chile.
Las Torres del Paine and the north, with the Atacama desert.
any thing you need please call me.. and a can make arragement to be as undercover, so that way no press will be around...
believe me I'm just a fand of you, and I imagine how dificul can be famous as you are, and be alone some times.
hape you are well
big hug.

Nibaldo Lagos


hey! cool site! she is very pretty! and she married a very hott guy! they are getting a divorce though.