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Great website, I visit daily. But you really should add a notice on your front page every time you upload new pictures, so people don't have to check out the whole pictures page. Anyways, it's a really cool site, keep up the good work!

carsten wilde

this website is is a nice place to stay


well i think rebecca romijn is really so wonderful how good she was also the best model person as you can be. if you are real rebecca romijn do you really want john stamos to marry him seriously admit you want to do this and for your self sure you want that really want him if he doesnt could have him too i mean as a real b/f i want to marry john stamos i really like him to as a real super best friend im very serious he is my special friend im really happy with that i want him he is really cute and the hotties babe like him alot i really am i wish i had him to take me instead i will make him happy to for the rest of my life do you really want to this rebecca you want fall inlove with him admit.


i don´t write and speak english, but for know more of his, was learn, is a beatyful woman, really beauty, maybe could meet someday.


Femme fatale was ongelofelijk...
Incroyable, super...

groetjes uit België



a beautiful woman, a great actress, a personality to look up to... you're inspiring for many.

Greetings from a beginning Belgian actor...


Greetings. Very nice site.


Rebecca is one of my icons that I look up to.She is so beautiful and talented!I think she is a GREAT actress, and greater at modling.She doing a wonderful job~*~ Keep up the good work Rebecca! I'm 16 and trying to get into modeling, and acting. I love to act, so at John Casablanca modeling I think I have a good chance to becoming like my icon~*~Rebecca.


great site

Elwin Keith Haseltin

I first came across Rebecca Romijn-Stamos 1 when I was looking for a screen-saver. She certainly IS a beautiful woman. Even though I am married and have been for 47 years I can't get her out of my mind.....enough said. Elwin K. Haseltine
By the way: I have her slideshow as my screen-saver. Thanks!


Rebecca is a beautiful women, but her acting skills are terrible! Stick at what you're good at and do us all a favor: STOP ACTING! By the way, if anyone wants to see a boring movie; go see "femme fatale"!!


Thank you for such a nice site.

all the dutch

a great site, thanks for creating this !!
Rebecca... amaaaazing !! never seen it anywhere !!


No so many people signed the guestbook yet!! Well, let me b the first to give the creator a big compliment!! Good job, and keep it up!!