Cannes Interview


Rebecca Romijn: What I really love about this festival is the pump and circumstance and the protocol and the ritual and that red carpet is just, it's like the most official, like THE red carpet, the most important red carpet in the world, you know what I mean? It feels so, it is exciting.

Interviewer: We had off course a lot of questions about the make-up. Now, I remember I actually talked to you for the first one and the second one. Is this process a lot easier than it was in the first and second films?

Rebecca Romijn: The first was definitely the hardest. The second we got the hours down, the first one took nine hours every day, the second one took seven hours every day, but the part that makes me craziest is the maintenance of it, like applying the costumes is fine, it's the job, it's actually like, you know, I had to re adjust my attitude, like for the first one I was like: “I'm in a X-Men movie.” Great, now I have to sit in the make up chair for nine hours, but then I realized that my job is getting..., sitting in the make up chair for nine hours, like that was in fact my job. Getting to be in the X-Men movies, that was free. That was the fun part. So when I finally adjusted my attitude to that, I was like, okay I understand what the hard part of the job is. The hard part of the job is getting into the make up, but it is psychological challenging to be in it and the maintenance of it is what really starts getting to you cause you do feel claustrophobic when you are in it for too long, so I really wanted to figure out how to make the costume as durable as possible, so we made some changes, like we stopped using glue, we started using liquid silicone for the entire backside of the prosthetics and using body heat to harden this liquid silicone, which made the costume a lot more durable, required a little less maintenance during the day but taking it off was like imagine being wrapped up in duck tape and ripping that off every day. It is incredibly painful, incredibly painful.

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