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2019-08-15: Jerry O' Show (FOX) [Article] [Pictures]

2019-08-07: What Happens Live (NBC)

2019-02-14: Wendy Williams [Article]

2019-01-29: What Happens Live (NBC) [Pictures]

When Jerry O'Connell and fellow Bravo stan/his real-life Real Housewife, Rebecca Romijn, stopped by Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen this week, the duo opened up about a less-than-pleasant encounter they had with Brandi Glanville.

Sitting down in the Clubhouse, they dished on what happened when they ran into The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills pal years back, with Jerry noting, "I do have to say we do have one story that is a little bit disappointing," before he broke it down a bit more with the caveat that he and Rebecca were "excited" to meet her.

As it turns out, Brandi heard about their tale — issuing a response and apology on Twitter: "Omg I was so excited to read what bitchy housewife snubbed you guys! I LOVE you guys always have [Rebecca] you have my all time fav[orite] [Sports Illustrated] pic [and Jerry] is my favorite Replacement host for Wendy [Williams]. I fan girl on everyone [and] I’m nice to everyone!!! So Sorry."

Jerry caught her tweet and also seemed to feel bad about sharing his anecdote with the world. "WE LOVE [YOU] B! We shouldn't have told that story. I am sure I was being annoying that night. I am ashamed!" he tweeted, adding, "Brandi, we all LOVE you. This is just my way of involving [Rebecca] in [RHOBH] drama so she will join cast [next] season."

2018-01-16: Conan (TBS)

2018-01-16: The Talk (CBS)

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