IESB Interview


Probably the best part of this quickie interview IESB did with Rebecca Romijn was when Robert Sanchez asks her about the difference between Brett Ratner and Bryan Singer. She immediately does this thing with her face like, "Okay, how do I make this guy look good right now?" Finally, she divulges that the two are very different. Ratner, according to her, has a "tremendous amount of energy" combined with a ton of enthusiasm, while Singer is quiet and more detail oriented. Not sure if that's a good thing, but I'm going to officially declare a tie in Round 1 of Ratner vs Singer.

As far as her role as Mystique goes, she wrapped shooting about two months ago and wouldn't quite say that this script was the best of the three, but did note that there definitely was a lot going on in it. Gee, ya think? With over seven thousand characters, I figured it would be fairly quiet and tame. Remaining quiet on plot details, she also let out that Mystique would face some heartbreak in the film, but that it doesn't necessarily have to do with love. Regarding her presence in a 4th X-Men, Romijn stated that she only signed on for three and that this one was it...for now. Last but definitely least, when asked whether she will be involved in the upcoming Punisher sequel, she didn't think so. What a shame.

Original article: Cinematical

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