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John McTiernan's remake of "Rollerball" will roll into theaters later than expected. The movie was supposed to hit theaters on Aug. 17, but now is scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2002, The Hollywood Reporter and Variety reported Monday. MGM's new president of theatrical marketing and distribution, Robert Levin, said delaying "Rollerball's" release will give him a chance to capitalize on what he described as the film's "great potential." "I want the time to set this up right," he said. "In marketing terms, I want to do things with the film that are different than what has been done to date." Levin denied speculation that he delayed the release because he was worried about the film's quality. "Not from what he showed me," he said of McTiernan's movie. "I was very happy." McTiernan's update of Norman Jewison's 1975 futuristic action flick stars Chris Klein, Rebecca Romijn and LL Cool J.

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