NY Daily News Interview


Flouncing around in sexy beachwear is one thing, but, for some supermodels, taking off your top is quite another. "Rollerball" director John McTiernan learned that when he asked model-turned-actress Rebecca Romijn to appear topless on camera. "I freaked," she told Glamour magazine for their September issue. "So we hashed it out and shot it lit in silhouette." Still, aside from the perils of shooting sans clothes, Romijn much prefers the acting life to that of the mandated cheerfulness of modeling. "It was nice to walk around [the movie set] in a dark mood," she said. "Nobody told me to smile or cheer up like they do when I'm modeling a bikini on the beach. People know how I look done up glamazon-style. It's more fun to change my look." Eventually, the former host of MTV's "House of Style" realized that, while modeling "was great," it "became very unstimulating." Today, she said, "I constantly keep myself in a state of discomfort because that's how you grow."

Original article: New York Daily News