Newsletter 1 (June 26, 2001)


1. First I want to welcome all the people who have subscribed to this mailinglist. The purpose of this list is to inform you about The Rebecca Romijn Fanpage. When changes or updates have taken place I will send an e-mail to all the subscribers of this mailinglist.

2. From the beginning of May The Rebecca Romijn Fanpage has a new and shorter URL: But you can still use the old URL.

3. Pictures of Rebecca Romijn from Elle (March 2001) have been added to the site. Rebecca Romijn has also appeared on the cover of Cosmopolitan US (May 2001) and Cosmopolitan Italy (June 2001)

4. I wanted to use Listbot for sending e-mails to the members of this list. A few days ago Listbot, which is owned by Micro$oft, has announced that from the beginning of August, the service will no longer be free. From that moment it will cost $150 a year. Because Micro$oft and Bill Gates are wealthy enough I have decided not to use Listbot any longer.

From now on I will use Group Mail Free from With this programm I can manage this mailinglist on my own computer. If you are already a member of The Rebecca Romijn Fanpage Mailing List you don't have to do anything. All E-Mail addresses have been transferred already.

The only thing which changes is subscribing and unsubcribing from The Rebecca Romijn Fanpage Mailing List.