New Site Design


Anonymous writes "hey there,
im personally a very huge fan of rebecca.
usually i would make also a fansite.
before i do that (making fansites for great people) i always look if there are already good sites out there. if so, there is no reason to make another one (i hate all those useless fansites, i mean, i need one that is great and thats enough). so, so far I have one fansite, because its the only good one out there, for an actress called brooke langton (
sooo, ur site is probably the most complete rebecca site and theres no need to make another. BUT, to be honest, i dont like the design at all. and because im a "graphic" guy (of course content is the most important thing, but i still like beautiful sites), i would like to offer you a design for the site i made sometime ago. so it could be have great content and a good design (i at least think it is). if your interested, please let me know and i send it to you.
thanks and keep up the great work.


Webmaster The Rebecca Romijn Fanpage: What's your e-mail address Simon?"