Sightings 2009


12-19-2009: Calabasas [Pictures]

09-23-2009: Calabasas [Pictures]

09-03-2009: Byron and Tracey Hair Salon (Beverly Hills, CA) [Pictures]

08-16-2009: Calabasas [Pictures]

08-12-2009: Calabasas Gym [Pictures]

08-08-2009: ABC Summer Press Tour (Langham Hotel, Pasadena, CA) [Pictures]

07-25-2009: Comic-Con (San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, CA) [Pictures]

07-24-2009: Comic-Con (San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, CA) [Pictures]

07-11-2009: Calabasas Speeding Ticket [Pictures]

07-08-2009: Calabasas [Pictures]

07-01-2009: Calabasas [Pictures]

06-03-2009: Dior Beauty Lucheon (Shangri-La Hotel, Santa Monica, CA) [Article] [Pictures]

05-28-2009: Project Runway Taping [Pictures]

04-27-2009: Toronto Canada [Pictures]

04-21-2009: Toronto Canada [Pictures]

04-13-2009: Toronto Canada [Pictures]

04-06-2009: Eastwick Set [Pictures]

03-16-2009: Calabasas [Pictures]

03-10-2009: Calabasas [Pictures]

03-02-2009: Calabasas [Pictures]

02-24-2009: Malibu [Pictures]

02-17-2009: Mistral (Sherman Oaks, CA) [Pictures]

02-09-2009: Woodland Hills [Pictures]

02-02-2009: Woodland Hills [Pictures]

01-29-2009: Calabasas [Pictures]

01-10-2009: Fergie and Josh Duhamel Wedding (Church Estates Vineyards, Malibu, CA)