Rebecca Romijn 35 Years



Dear Mrs O'Donnell: I'm writing to you just to let you know how much I loved all the movies I've seen about you, specially you acting as Mystique in X-men. In my opinion your character was the most sophisticated, smooth, gracious and stunningly impressive one of all 3 movies. I can but wish I had been born a director or writer to make more X-men movies, all of them featuring Mystique and as the leading role. I deeply apologize if I'm being too bold but I just wanted to be another big fan out there to let you know that as far as I'm concerned, your sole presence in a movie, any movie or show, is simply a work of art beyond human comprehension and also to let you know your divine beauty simply leaves the most articulate person speechless or renders him uncapable of finding the highest words to describe the unspeakable exquisiteness of it. There is simply no clever form of expression to describe you. Mrs O'Donnell, God bless you, protect you and guard you wherever you may go and give you everything you desire in your life and also, considering what's becoming of the most famous show business people lately, I almost hope, in the most positive sense of the word of course, you don''t become too Hollywood-famous, only richer and richer within you and eternally happy. To quote a line from my favorite movie of all times "Gladiator": "What we do in life echoes in eternity". Once again I, with the utmost respect, admiration and above all, sincere burning desire to salute you I simply felt in my heart to tell you that as far as I'm concerned you''re the queen of the whole wide world!!!!!!

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