03-21-2004: Wizard World: Los Angeles Marvel Movie Panel


In one of the most entertaining panels any convention has seen, fans were treated to an inside look at the new Marvel adaptation of "Punisher." Actors Thomas Jane, Rebecca Romijn and Kevin Nash were joined by writer/director Jonathan Hensleigh, his wife (and the film's producer) Gail Anne Hurd, and Marvel's movie guru Avi Arad.

Romijn was happy to talk about the possibility of a Mystique spinoff. "If there's some way they could make that makeup process easier, it'd be such a pleasure." She really takes the process of making comic book movies seriously, saying "These are characters people have waited for their entire lives, you don't want to disappoint. We feel the fan base, we feel you guys, and I really love it."

When asked about their favorite films, to get a sense of their personal tastes, Hensleigh noted being influenced by John Frankenheimer and Sergio Leone. Romijn said her favorites are "The Sound of Music," "The Graduate" and really liking the new "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind." Nash found "Raging Bull" compelling, Hurd liked "Paths of Glory." Arad and Jane took the question less seriously, citing "Batman Returns" and "Godzilla Versus Bambi" as their favorites.

Next up for the panelists is Thomas Jane playing a South African police officer during apartheid who held up banks on his off hours. Romijn will be in "Godsend" with Greg Kinnear and Robert DeNiro, about a couple who loses a child, only to have it cloned by a mad doctor. Nash said he was happier in front of the camera than in the squared circle, and didn't expect a return to grappling soon. "I'd like to stay in this genre right now. After fifteen years of wrestling, my body can't take much more."

Jane made jokes about new interpretations of the Punisher. "You don't wanna see 'Punisher on Ice?'" he asked. "I'm takin' ice skatin' lessons right now. You should see what Rebecca and me get up to on ice."

"It's also R rated," Romijn added, getting a big response from the crowd.

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