09-11-2010: Cynthia Rowley Show


The big draw was Rebecca Romijn, who so thrilled the photographers that they stopped her in front of the pit on her way in for an impromptu snapshot session. This created something of a bottleneck on our way inside, but everybody seemed cool with it once they saw the reason — which was also easy to do, since the already statuesque Romijn was impossible to miss in sexy, strappy, sky-high heels and a teased updo. She told reporters she came out to New York from Los Angeles for Tommy Hilfiger’s anniversary event tomorrow night, but wanted to stop by Rowley’s show because of their close friendship — which apparently involves annual summer badminton tournaments with Rowley and pal Hunter Hill (who Romijn reluctantly admitted may have won the last round). “I don’t do this very often anymore,” Romijn said with an excited grin, before copping to feeling a bit out of the fashion loop since having her twins. “I’m getting all these fashion questions, like, ‘Describe your sense of style,’ and it’s like, ‘Whatever is cleanest and closest to the bed,’” she told us. “Although, it slowly becomes more chic the further East I go.”

Her trip East meant that hubby Jerry O’Connell stayed home with their 20-month-old twins, which she said is because they try to have one parent around at all times: “We’re trying to raise semi-normal children,” she laughed. We asked how she’s handling the stress of having two mobile toddlers, especially once they realize that if they run in opposite directions, you can only chase one of them. “It continues to blow my mind,” she replied. “It’s so scary. I’m just afraid one of them might die at any second. Because one’s a real climber, she just wants to climb to the top of every tall piece of furniture. If there’s a ladder, she’ll climb it. They’re just so crazy. And they’re at that age where you can’t explain that they’re about to die.”

Romijn then fielded a question about who she thinks the hottest up-and-comer is — “Honestly? I think it’s Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes,” she said — before a long, graceful arm busted through the scrum and tapped her on the leg. We heard, “And what is your opinion of the actress Aisha Tyler? Please tell us more about her.” Sure enough, it was Tyler; Romijn was too busy laughing to answer the question, so we’ll do it for her: We’re pretty sure we want to join that girls’ night out.

Original article: Wheretobuyjeansonline.com

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