01-11-2010: Launch "Got Milk" Campaign


Rebecca Romijn was all smiles as she unveiled her second Milk Mustache ad — this time with her twin daughters — at the W Hotel in Los Angeles today (January 11).

The event also kicked off the got milk? ‘Great Gallon Give,’ a partnership with Feeding America to give away hundreds of thousands of gallons of milk to raise awareness of the important role milk plays in building strong families.

“I know that milk is a valuable part of building a stronger family,” says Rebecca. “For me milk is the best choice. It supplies so many nutrients that are important for my children’s development — and to my overall health, too. I encourage all moms to make it easier to build a strong family in 2010 by setting their table with milk.”

The new ad will debut on January 15 in tabloid mags.

Rebecca Romijn Got Milk Column

When I participated in my first Milk Mustache ad in 1998, I was so proud to be a part of the campaign. Back when I was modeling, I worked hard to look my best at all times - and milk was a huge ally in helping me do so. It was an easy, delicious and healthy snack during those long days on the set - and I'm convinced it helped keep my hair, skin and nails looking their best through all those shoots!

Now, it's 2010. My modeling career has been replaced by an acting career that I love. Long nights travelling to shoots have been replaced by long nights caring for my beautiful twin girls. Although a lot has changed, one thing that has remained constant is my pride in being a part of this campaign.

I feel a whole different responsibility this time around with the campaign. While I still know that milk helps a woman look and feel her best - I now want to make sure every mom understands how essential it is to have milk on the table when you're trying to raise a strong family. So many children in America frequently fall short in getting recommended amounts of calcium, vitamin D, potassium and magnesium - and these are all nutrients supplied by milk. Milk helps make our jobs as moms a little easier - and our families stronger. I am so honored to be a part of saluting our mothers - and the strong families they work so hard to raise.

I hope you'll join me in spreading the word - and getting milk on every family's table. Please visit Facebook and pass a virtual gallon of milk to your friends. For every virtual gallon passed, $1 will go to Feeding America to help families in need. Additionally, I hope you can join one of the fantastic Great Gallon Give events in your area to pick up your free gallon of milk.

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