Rebecca Romijn: My Husband Is Just Like the Dog


Rebecca Romijn: My Husband Is Just Like the Dog

After being married for nearly four years, Rebecca Romijn knows a few things about her husband, Jerry O'Connell. One thing she can say for certain? O'Connell is just like the family dog, Binn.

"I always say that Binn and Jerry are the male versions of each other," Romijn told at the Wella Professionals Care and Styling Launch at Pipino 57 in New York on Tuesday.

The actress explained that what seemed like a jab to her husband is actually a compliment.

"[They both have] just endless amounts of energy, like to exercise a lot, and are very positive in life," Romijn said. "They're dog male counterparts and human counterparts of each other."

And there are plenty of pictures to prove Romijn right. O'Connell is frequently photographed near his Calabasas, Calif. home doing the same thing: Running with Binn.

The family shares their household with two other canines, Taco and Better, and Romijn and O'Connell’s 2-year-old twin daughters, Dolly Rebecca Rose and Charlie Tamara Tulip. The statuesque beauty also highlighted another of Binn's qualities —his protective behavior towards the twins. "Our German Shepherd is their personal bodyguard."

How do the recipients feel about the attention? "It's so sweet, he just wants to be near them wherever they are, to the point where they're like, 'Get away, stop licking my face!'"

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Jerry O’Connell: I’m shocked Romijn married me

The American star is wed to actress Rebecca Romijn, who also had a successful career as a model. The couple are very happy together and are delighted to be raising two-year-old twins Dolly and Charlie. Jerry married Rebecca in 2007 and he still feels like the luckiest man alive.

“She’s a really good looking woman, I don’t know how I pulled it off I’m shocked as well. I’m like, ‘You made a huge mistake.’ I really married up!” he joked on UK television show Loose Women.

“We have Dolly and Charlie. They’re two years old. Don’t sigh – you people don’t live with them! They are crazy.”

Jerry stars as a lawyer in TV show The Defenders, before which he was attending legal school. He was only there for a year as he decided to take his role in the programme, but loved every second of it. The star admits thinking studying would be easy as he thought he already had many of the attributes of a top attorney, but that turned out not to be the case.

“I was studying to be a trial attorney and I thought I’d be good at it because I’m an actor and you have to plead your case to a jury. We had this big competition and I knew I was going to win this thing – I’m just better than everyone. So I go up there and we had a fake dog bite case and I was talking about the dog and how vicious it is and the judge afterwards said, ‘Mr. O’Connell you did not win this round, I felt you overacted,’” he laughed.

Jerry's Muse

Jerry O'Connell knows how to strike a pose. But then, he has an excellent modeling muse. "I get a lot of tips from my wife, who just happens to be a supermodel," O'Connell, 36, said of his wife of three years, Rebecca Romijn, 37. "She tells me to pick a point in the lens and really focus on it."

O'Connell, who costars with Jim Belushi on CBS's The Defenders, recently put Romijn's tips to use while posing for the cover of VEGAS magazine. "It's almost like having my own personal America's Next Top Model tutor," he said at a party Saturday at the Gold Boutique Nightclub and Lounge at Ariato in Las Vegas celebrate his issue launch, with his "tutor" by his side.

O'Connell's education, however, was placed on hold while the couple celebrated time away from their 21-month-old twin daughters, Dolly and Charlie, who were being watched by Romijn's sister. "This is like our night off," O'Connell said, adding that he really knows more about parenting than modeling. "I've learned just not to get mad – to ignore the behavior but not the child."

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