06-04-2005: Auction Napa Valley Charity Event


Wine lovers went wild Saturday night as Teri Hatcher, with a little help from Jay Leno, led an auction for charity at the ultra-exclusive auction, Napa Valley 25. "There's a lot I'll do for more money," Hatcher told the crowd and proceeded to prove it. Only "Extra" was there as the star got the crowd to raise their bids by raising her skirt -- all for a "Desperate Housewives" cast dinner, a walk-on role and a personal tour of the set. "I'm a really good tour guide of Wisteria Lane," Hatcher promised. "And we really have a good time." And to up the ante, Hatcher even threw in that now-famous red bathing suit from her recent Vanity Fair cover shoot. "You know, you can only wear things like that once," she told of why she decided to give it away.

Meanwhile, Jerry O'Connell and girlfriend Rebecca Romijn joined Hatcher and Leno at the GM-sponsored three-day event to raise money for various charities. "We are very excited to be here," Romijn told us. And Teri got everyone very excited, sending bids through the roof at Saturday night's big auction.

Actors Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell served as the company's guests at auction activities. Romijn, who starred in "X2," drives a complimentary Cadillac SRX. "I love it," she said. O'Connell, who stars in television's "Crossing Jordan," recalled that his father, who's British, vowed to "buy a Cadillac, a big one" if he got enough money after he moved to America. Today, O'Connell said he passes his Cadillacs to his dad after driving them for a few years.

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