04-14-2004: "The Punisher" New York Premiere


A rabid photographer crossed the line and verbally assaulted Rebecca Romijn Wednesday (04-14-2004, RRF), and the entire ugly incident was caught on tape. Wednesday night in New York, at a private screening of Rebecca’s new movie, "The Punisher," Romijn, was feeling sad after her breakup from her husband John, and chose not to pose for photographers. This caused the paparazzo to break into a long, frequently obscene tirade that included statements like, "I can’t believe this, what a diva!" and, "Now I know why your husband left you!"

Rebecca appeared on "The Howard Stern Show" Friday morning to explain what happened after the photographer yelled at her. "I kept on walking, went down the escalator, and I thought I was going to lose it," she told Stern. "I was shaking, and I started to cry and just left."

The offensive paparazzo is named Steve Sands, notorious for bullying celebrities. Just last year, our cameras caught him getting physically carried out of the opening of Gabriel Byrne's new restaurant.

Rebecca’s people tell "Extra" that they’ll take no legal action against Sands and won’t even dignify the incident with a response.

Friday morning, Romijn, still a bit shaken by what happened, appeared on "Good Morning America" to set the record straight about her breakup -- specifically about reports that John Cusack contributed to the split.

"All of it is fabricated," Romijn insisted. "I have a puppy. That's who's in my life right now. I haven't been going out." And after what happened Wednesday night, it would be hard to blame her.

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