Rebecca's Family Fears


'Ugly Betty' star Rebecca Romijn is worried she may have to quit the show if she wants to have children. Rebecca, who married actor Jerry O'Connell in the summer, believes the hit US TV show's bosses will struggle to create a pregnancy storyline for her character, because she plays a transsexual.

She said: "Motherhood is absolutely on the cards. I would like to have a couple of kids and I think Jerry would too. I don't know exactly when, but it will be interesting to see how the writers will figure it out if I get pregnant while we are shooting 'Ugly Betty'. My character Alexis Meade is not supposed to have a womb!"

Rebecca, who met Jerry at a Las Vegas hotel three years ago, also revealed she often used her feminine charms to get her way with men before she met Jerry. The stunning blonde star explained: "Of course I have used my feminine wiles to get what I want. But I really don't manipulate Jerry. We focus on friendship - that comes first with us. That is how we fell in love."

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Is Rebecca Romijn pregnant?

“Extra” caught up with “Ugly Betty” star and Los Angeles Confidential cover girl Rebecca Romijn, who cleared up rumors that she and new hubby, Jerry O’Connell, are expecting. “I’m not pregnant, but it’s not out of the realm of possibility,” she said.

But what would happen to Rebecca's transgender "Betty" character, Alexis Meade, if she ever did get pregnant?

“We laugh about it with the writers of the show. How would you figure that out? Alexis doesn’t have a womb!” Rebecca laughed.

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