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Jerry O'Connell has a nickname on the set of his ABC sitcom, Carpoolers. "It's the big joke on my set. Everyone on Carpoolers refers to me as 'Stamos,' " says the actor, 33, who first connected with audiences as a child in 1986's Stand By Me. "Stamos," of course, is a devilish nod to John Stamos, the ex-husband of O'Connell's wife, Rebecca Romijn.

The ribbing is all in fun. "I think it's pretty funny, too," says Romijn, who plays the transgender character Alexis Meade on ABC's Ugly Betty. "And you know who's going to think it's the funniest out of everyone? Stamos. That's right up his alley."

But Romijn prefers her own nicknames for her husband, none of which she intends to share, explaining, "Jerry would never live it down if I made those public."

The entire cast of Carpoolers and many from Ugly Betty were in attendance on July 14 when O'Connell wed Romijn in their backyard, alongside the vineyard he planted for her in 2006. After weathering a bad frost last winter, their vines are now bearing little grapes he describes as "the size of raisins. I'm not strange (to the point) where I go down and talk to my grapes, but I do feel a bond with them."

That sense of humor is one reason Carpoolers creator Bruce McCulloch cast the New York University grad in the role after the two became friends. "He's kind and sweet and just a little bit dirty, so I thought that he would be perfect to play Laird, the lothario dentist," says McCulloch.

"A Divorce to Remember" is the title of tonight's Carpoolers (8:30 ET/PT), which guest stars Romijn as Joannifer, the boozy ex-wife of O'Connell's Laird. "Joannifer is basically a floozy, and Rebecca can pull off playing a floozy," O'Connell says over lunch. "She has a lot of hair and is very buxom. But I know she makes a conscious effort to not be that girl. So for her to play this crazy maniac ex-wife was a lot of fun."

"I never play the boring pretty girl," clarifies Romijn, calling from home. But the former model, who turns 35 today, acknowledges that, "behind closed doors, I've been practicing aspects of this character for years." Despite their guest appearances on each other's shows (he appeared on Betty last season as a jerk who hit on Romijn's Alexis in a bar), the two have mostly steered clear of working together, and their reps declined a joint interview.

"I think we get a little concerned about that Gigli factor — it's scary," he says, referring to the film Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez made when they were a couple. "You don't want to worry about hitting people over the head with it. But we have so much fun together." She adds: "We decided if we're going to work together, we don't want to be love interests, per se," she adds.

But there is another project they are working on that 100% requires them to be love interests — becoming parents. (They joke that Romijn's character's past as a man will make it challenging to write her pregnancy into Betty's plot.)

The couple recently went out to dinner with Betty producer Marco Pennette and explored their options about a future pregnancy. "It could be a hysterical pregnancy," Romijn theorizes. "There are people who want to be pregnant so badly that they put on weight in that area. Or maybe Alexis could put on a tremendous amount of weight, and I'd wear a fat suit around the pregnancy."

But first things first. "We're definitely working at it," O'Connell says. "It's never as easy as everybody thinks. It just isn't. When you're married to Rebecca, you should try to have as many children as possible," he adds. "And I want to do that before she figures out that she could do a lot better than me." "That's a very sweet and strange thing to say," she says. "Jerry is an amazing guy."

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Rebecca and Jerry's Thanksgiving

Jerry O'Connell can't wait to dig into a dinner concocted by wife Rebecca Romijn's clan. "Her parents are very good cooks," he explains. "Rebecca's family is Dutch so they make Dutch, very cheesy, fattening, mayonnaise-y but very good food."

Original article:

The Big Lead Interview

Interviewer: You’ve obviously dated some pretty well-known women, but what’s the reaction from friends and family when you bring home a former SI cover model? Who gets noticed more in public when you two are out together, and how do you handle all the attention she gets?

Jerry O'Connell: When Rebecca met my parents, it changed my relationship with my Father. He could not stop staring at Rebecca. We have not spoken about it but I think my Father realized I was cooler than him. Now that we are married, guys tend to not hit on my wife, but when we were dating, it happened all the time. In Los Angeles, there is a hierarchy at events and parties and stuff that is pretty lame. I would find that the dudes who were higher on the totem pole would box me out for a shot at the title. What can you do? I would just let it go and see where the chips would fall. I love Rebecca and I have to assume the feelings are mutual. She married me so I am doing something right.

The one adjustment I had to make in my married life was sports viewing. Good sporting events tend to happen on Saturdays and Sundays. We are home and off work. Those days are also when your wife most likely wants to do social things. Not being able to sit around and watch all the college games and then the NFL games has been an adjustment. I watch a lot of games on DVR and go to your site for the rest.

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I love what Mr. O'conell says about his "adjustment" and I think if you really love a woman so much and so hard it's a lot easier to let go some, if not all, of our personal habits and things and become the guys our beloved ones want us to be for them then it must be worth it, especially when that woman turns out to be gorgeous Rebecca Romijn, a super star in ever sense of the word

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