Rebecca Romijn Admits to Working Mom Guilt


Rebecca Romijn, who stars in the upcoming Tyler Perry comedy Good Deeds, has managed to balance her busy career with her most important role as mom to three-year-old twin daughters, Charlie and Dolly.

Romijn, 39, talked to about her new film, life with twins, and how she and husband Jerry O’Connell make their relationship work despite the spotlight.

On how she juggles career and motherhood
“I don’t know if I can ever find that balance. I’m still seeking it. It’s hard. I had to leave the girls with their grandparents for five days this week and go to New York to do press for the movie and I experienced so much guilt. But I know they’re in great hands and I don’t have to worry about them. Actually, my character in Good Deeds is obsessed and constantly thinking about her kids and calling her nanny and checking in. I’m actually not so much like that in real life. When they’re with their grandparents, I know that they’re in great hands and I trust that everybody’s happy. I don’t obsess over them when I’m gone, but I do feel so much guilt.”

On life with twins
“It’s just getting more and more fun with every second. I think we really just turned a corner with the whole potty training thing, too. It was very challenging! Jerry’s in New York starring in Seminar on Broadway and I’m back in California, so I’ve got them both to myself, which is a little bit overwhelming at times. But they’re older and we’re talking and conversations are getting a little bit more interesting and more questions are being asked and answered. I love it. Watching them wrap their heads around very basic concepts is interesting. The whole process is the most enjoyable thing I’ve ever experienced. It’s funny — the last few weekends have been dedicated to all of us drinking as much juice as possible, having a no diaper rule, and just practicing going in the potty. That’s what I’m doing Saturday nights. But we’ve been having fun!”

On the secret to making a Hollywood marriage last
“I don’t think we regard the spotlight aspect of it at all. That’s just our job. I think to make any relationship work it just takes a tremendous amount of effort and accepting of one another. You have to put time and energy into it. We’ve been together eight years, and I know we’re not breaking any records, but it’s Hollywood man, we’re getting closer! I don’t know if we’ve unlocked any secrets on how to make a relationship work. It’s a process. It’s really fun sometimes and sometimes it’s not so fun as every married couple knows. It’s challenging. In our industry, there are so many times that you get separated for such long periods of time. I think the most important thing is you just don’t let too much time pass without checking in on each other.”

On working with Tyler Perry in Good Deeds
“I’ve always been a big fan of his and I was really looked forward to working with him. His story is just incredible and what he’s accomplished is so incredible. For somebody who wears so many hats as an actor, producer, and writer, he’s so well-prepared. He’s completely accessible and available and just right there. The whole experience was great. He created such an amazing empire there in Atlanta. I feel like part of his success has to do with the fact that he doesn’t have to answer to anybody. There’s something very old Hollywood about him.”

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Rebecca Romijn Talks Pumpkins, Potty Training & Shedding The Post Pregnancy Pounds

A lot has changed for actress and model Rebecca Romijn since welcoming twins Dolly and Charlie two-and-a-half years ago; including how she celebrates Halloween.

"I've always gone really scary [and] put a Grim Reaper in the corner with a low light over it, but you can't do that with kids," Romijn tells the ladies of The Talk. "You know how you can go in two different directions for Halloween? Really scary or really cute Halloween -- I'm now going really cute Halloween!

"I've been taking them to get manicures and [Dolly's] been painting her nails black," shares the Possessing Piper Rose star. But apparently, someone's not completely sold on this whole Halloween thing yet...

All of a sudden [she] decided that everything Halloween is too scary. She's been taking all of the pumpkins off the porch and putting them on the side of the house," Rebecca dishes.

Showing off her new svelte figure, Romijn reveals that she recently shed the last of her pregnancy pounds.

"I'd gotten very fluffy for the whole childbearing experience. You do that when you get pregnant, and then you find out you're having twins, then you're nursing them for eight months, and then you're finishing up their meals," says the X-Men star. "I'd forgotten how much I was really supposed to be eating...and then fast food started making its way into their diets and I felt like I was getting lazy about food preparation."

After changing her diet - cutting out starch, dairy and sugar - and turning to Bikram yoga, Romijn was able to reach her goal, but admits, "It's been hard."

Along with her weight, Rebecca's also been busy tackling something else -- potty training the twins; using any trick (or treat) she can to get the job done.

"I'm doing something that I shouldn't be doing, which is bribing them with M&M's," Romijn laughs. "But it's do or die at this point!

"I'm like, 'If you go pee pee on the potty, you get an M&M,' and they keep going, 'On a plate?'" says Rebecca. "So every time they go I get the biggest plate I can find [and] put one M&M in the middle of it."

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Rebecca Romijn: Twins are crazy

Rebecca Romijn says having twins is like a “crazy social experiment”, revealing her daughters are growing up to be very different.

The actress and her husband Jerry O’Connell have two-year-old twins Charlie and Dolly and she has noticed they are already developing individual personalities. While Charlie appears to be more feminine and interested in fashion, Dolly is showing a passion for risk taking and is a real tomboy.

“It’s just like a crazy social experiment where you have these two people who were born on the same day, who have been raised in identical upbringings in the same bedroom and they could not be more different as people,” the actress explained during an interview with American talk show host Rachael Ray. “People are just born how they are born and there’s nothing you can do to change that.”

Rebecca revealed her daughter’s differences really became apparent when they sat down to watch the British royal wedding last month. Although Charlie was transfixed to see Prince William marry Catherine Middleton in a lavish ceremony, Dolly was more interested in jumping off furniture.

“Their reactions to it could not have been more polar opposite. Charlie is going, ‘Princess, princess, princess,’ with starry eyes and Dolly was running out of the room going, ‘No, no, no!’” Rebecca laughed. “Charlie, since she was a baby, if I get dressed up for something, she’s the one who looks me up head to toe, checks out my shoes, takes it all in. Dolly’s never noticed.

“[She's like,] ‘Where is a giant piece of furniture I can stand on top of and almost die?’

“I feel like we’re getting through the death watch period where they might almost die, but hopefully we’re going to start communicating and explain why you can’t stand on that really tall piece of furniture.”

Rebecca, 38, explained the twins are growing up so quickly that she is sometimes afraid to take them out on her own. They are beginning to run very fast and Rebecca is terrified they could hurt themselves if she doesn’t get to them in time.

“They’re at this age where they run off in opposite directions from one another, so I’m still not really brave enough to take them out alone by myself because you can’t run in two directions,” she added. “So if you’re in the middle of the parking lot and they both just drop dead weight… Jerry’s big enough, he’s brave enough, to scoop down and pick them both up, but they’re getting to be big people!”

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Rebecca Romijn Tackles the Terrible Twos

Not even her on-screen scrapes with Wolverine could have prepared Rebecca Romijn for the fight she was to face when her twin daughters hit that age that strikes fear into parents across the land.

“It’s equal parts absolutely adorable and absolutely horrible!” the model-turned-actress, 38, tells PEOPLE of Dolly and Charlie, who celebrated their second birthdays in December.

“I’m just trying to get them to bed at night, but they’re two! That’s what being two is all about.”

It’s hard to imagine such sweet sisters causing a fuss, but as far as Romijn is concerned, this is a matter of nurture getting steamrolled by the nature of the terrible twos.

“Right now, I think the whole job of being a 2-year-old is just trying to get as sick as often as possible to build up your immune system,” she joked while attending the Global Action Forum Gala in Beverly Hills. “It’s been three months of fevers, colds and vomiting.”

While some would consider such activities as de rigueur during award season, Romijn is quick to echo the sentiments of parents around the globe.

“There have been so many sleepless nights for my husband [Jerry O'Connell] and I,” she says. “If I can just get them to stay in their beds and shut up at night, I’d be happy.”

Original article: People Magazine

Jerry admits daughters stop Traffic

Piranha 3D star Jerry O'Connell says his twin daughters literally stop traffic when they have a tantrum. O'Connell, 36, and wife Rebecca Romijn, 37, have twin daughters Dolly and Charlie, 20 months, and admitted the pair are reaching their terrible twos. O'Connell told E! Online how his baby daughters have a novel way of showing their parents when they don't want to walk any more. He said: 'They just stop in the middle of the street.'

Romijn added: 'If they don't wanna go, they'll just drop and wait, both of them! It's like a sit-in protest. They're like: 'Nope, we're doing a sit-in'. It's so annoying!'
However the actress added that there is one up-side to the tantrums as they help her stay in shape. She said: 'If you're by yourself, you have to bend down on the street and pick them both up. I have never been so strong in my life!'

Original article: Monsters and Critics

Rebecca and Jerry's Twins share their own language

Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell are doting parents to their one-year-old twins, Dolly Rebecca Rose and Charlie Tamara Tulip. The girls are starting to really develop little personalities and even their own language! The hot Hollywood couple told OK! exclusively that Dolly and Charlie have developed a gibberish that only they can understand!

“They aren’t really talking. They are having conversations in gibberish,” Jerry told OK! at the premiere of his new movie Piranha 3D. “They have a very specific language that they speak with each other. They talk to us a little, but they have this very funny language. They are very specific. It’s a twin thing,” Rebecca added about Dolly and Charlie’s latest milestone.

So what words to the adorable twins with the world? “Well they say ‘ma,’ ‘da,’ ‘doggy’ and they make animal sounds and they love scary animals like, ‘What did the dragon say,’ ” Rebecca said.

With toddler twin girls running around, it isn’t always easy for the couple to spend alone time. “We got a sitter and went on a date for sushi,” Jerry said of the last time they spent without the kiddies. “I don’t usually go for sushi, but I do when I want to get on my wife’s good side.” “Read between the lines,” Rebecca quipped.

Will the twins be allowed to watch Daddy in the scary movie about lethal piranhas? “No way! But trust me, if they are anything like me, by the age of 13, they will find a way to see scary movies because when I was 13 that’s all I wanted to see,” Rebecca said.

So are there any more children on the horizon for Jerry and Rebecca? “No, I am done, that’s it,” she said.

Original article: OK Magazine

Rebecca's Children growing up

Since giving birth to twins girls in December 2008, Rebecca Romijn admits that it hasn't been easy to shed the 60 pounds of baby weight she gained during her pregnancy.

"I'm still working on the last few pounds of baby weight," Romijn, 37, tells "I really just try to work in a half hour of some sort of workout routine every day. I try to break a sweat every day. It doesn't always happen that way, but that's the goal."

Romijn -- who wed actor Jerry O'Connell in July 2007 -- also reveals that nowadays, her workouts are more of a family affair. "We play a lot of badminton, we go tandem bike riding, we try to keep it fun," the former Eastwick star says. "We try to do things as a couple and now as a family." And now that daughters Charlie and Dolly are 19-months-old, Romijn jokes that the two are already starting to become little troublemakers.

"We took the girls on their first merry-go-round ride. One of them was really into it and the other wasn't having it," the actress tells Us. "We went for a surry ride with the fringe on top -- it's like a bicycle with the baby seats in the front. They were instructed to wear helmets but they kept trying to take them off. Then they discovered it was more fun to bash each other in the heads with their helmets!"

Original article: US Magazine

Jerry about his kids

Jerry O’Connell definitely played the good husband when his wife, Rebecca Romijn, was working. He’d stay home with their twin daughters and play Mr. Mom. But he’s pretty pleased to be out of the house now with his new show, The Defenders, because he gets to avoid the twins, who are suffering from a severe case of the “terrible twos.”

“I think my children are worse than the terrible twos,” he told Entertainment Tonight of his daughters Dolly and Charlie, who are just shy of two years old. “They are the horrifically terrible twos. They are just crazy. Everyone says to us, ‘It gets better.’ That is not my experience.”

Jerry described the girls as totally different, “one is really shy, the other is really outgoing,” but despite the fact that neither is really talking all that much yet, he doesn’t expect his wife to bring them to the set for a visit.

“The set is just not a place for kids,” he said. “A. Nobody wants babies around the set. B. They don’t understand the quiet on the set thing. C. They make noise between takes.”

And if they’re as crazy as he says, that probably means a lot of noise!

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Rebecca Romijn Wants Her Girls to Start Growing Up

For all intents and purposes, Rebecca Romijn seems to live a charmed life: the stunning model has gone from cover girl to a woman who not only acts, but also seems to balance her personal and professional lives with ease and class. With actor husband Jerry O’Connell, she has sixteen-month old twin daughters, Charlie and Dolly. And while the girls are still so young, she’s more than ready for them to start growing up. “I’m so excited to get to the next spot,” she shared with us last week at Huggies’ denim-look diaper event. “I know a lot of mothers are like, ‘Oh they were so little, I wish they were still little,’ but I’m the opposite. I can’t wait for them to start playing hide and seek.”

And while her two daughters may seem like angels to the public eye, she insists it’s not that easy. When posed the question of how she manages a public tantrum with not one but two little screamers, she responded, “If we go out to a restaurant and they start acting out – which happens fairly often – we scoop them up and take them right outside.” Even so, Romijn suspects her daughters are smart enough to know that tantrum removal. “It just ends up being one-on-one time with Mommy or Daddy, and that’s usually what they want!”

As for her biggest lifestyle change?”We’ve ended up changing the type of restaurant that we attend,” she laughed. “You go to family-friendly places; you seek out the places that hand you Cheerios and bananas, crayons and a piece of paper as soon as we sit down.” Sounds good to us.

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Rebecca Romijn's Twin Daughters Won't Know Who's Older!

Dolly and Charlie O'Connell's parents are keeping a big secret! Rebecca Romijn and her husband Jerry may live public lives, but their 16-month-old daughters are no different from other tots — except they will likely never know which twin is older! We had the opportunity to chat with the model, actress, and mother yesterday while she was promoting Huggies' denim diapers. When asked about the personality differences between her darling duo, she said:

"This may sound strange, but we decided before they were born — I had a c-section so they both came out at the same time — that they wouldn't know which one was born first. Technically, one did come out first, but we feel like a lot of twins get to brag —"I was born five minutes earlier. I was born first." and the truth is they shared the womb. We're also curious to see if the one who is older naturally takes on that first sibling role. On their birth certificates, they were born in the same minute. It was a conversation we had with the doctor before they were even born and so far it's worked out pretty well. They are both extremely strong willed and neither of them seems to be in charge of the other at all. They are young and developing their personalities and their relationship with each other so they don't need to know that information. Maybe when they are much older we'll tell them."

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Rebecca's Children growing up

Rebecca Romijn is "shocked" at how different her twin daughters are. The 37-year-old actress - who had twins Dolly Rebecca Rose and Charlie Tamara Tulip with husband Jerry O'Connell 16 months ago - loves every aspect of motherhood and takes delight in watching how her non-identical girls' personalities are changing.

She said: "It's just shocking, seeing how different they are and watching their personalities develop. It's better than I could ever have expected." Obsessed actor Jerry also claims Rebecca is a hard working mother who rarely has time off. He said: "She's the first one up, last one to bed."

To celebrate Mother's Day in the US on Sunday, Jerry spoiled his wife with presents and helped the toddlers create their own cards in keeping with a family tradition. He explained to People magazine: "We have a rule in our family where you have to make cards - you can't buy them, you have to make them - so I made a couple of cards. I got the girls to hold the crayons and scribble."

It is not only in their personalities that Charlie and Dolly are different. Rebecca has previously spoken about their radically different appearances. She said: "Dolly looks exactly how I looked as a baby and Charlie looks exactly how Jerry looked as a baby."

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Rebecca: You will always be


You will always be in my prayers, you and your whole family.

God bless your children, your husband, everybody you love and care about. Take lots of care.

Your fan


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