2010-01: Got Milk Campaign


Question: How does it feel to be part of a second milk mustache campaign?
Rebecca: Wow, I feel like I'm such a part of such an incredibly huge, amazing family of people that participate in these campaigns.

Question: How does milk fit into your family?
Rebecca: I would say milk is definitely a huge tradition in my family. I come from a milk drinking family. My husband comes from a milk drinking family. And it is really kind of a perfect food full of vitamins and minerals and calcium and vitamin D. The right combination of nutrients you can't necessarily get from other food. So it will definitely be on my table the whole time my kids are growing up.

Question: How do you ensure wellness for your family?
Rebecca: Milk is an easy go to food. It is incredibly nutritious for its value. It is inexpensive. You can get it anywhere. It is always keeping everybody full of all the nutrients they need.

Question: How does milk help you build a strong family?
Rebecca: When it comes to building a strong family, drinking milk is a no-brainer. We keep low-fat milk on our house all the time. It is full of nutrients and vitamins that my family needs, that I need. It's a big part of our family.

Question: How do you enjoy milk at home?
Rebecca: We add milk to our serial. We add milk to our coffee. We enjoy the chocolate milk. We enjoy the plain milk. We love low-fat milk. There is a lot of milk at our house and my husband likes to drink it right out of the carton, apparently that is his favorite.