Maxim Interview


Question: How was it going under a fresh coat of blue body paint again for the filming of X-Men 2?
Rebecca: I was absolutely dreading it. I get really moody when I'm in that makeup. But they've actually improved the process a little this time around. Instead of nine hours, it only takes five. It's also not as fragile as it used to be, and it looks better. The thing that hasn't gotten better, and still bothers me the most, is all the "blue" jokes on set. I never want to hear the word blue used as a pun ever again - "Hey, Rebecca, why so blue?" And I'm, like, "Wow, that's so fresh and original. You're hilarious."

Question: So Mystique still hasn't caught on to the whole idea of wearing clothes?
Rebecca: Well, she wears a costume in the comic book, so I've had these hard-core X-Men fan guys come up to me and
say, "Mystique's supposed have a white dress with a skull belt!" And I say, "She's a shape-shifter! She can change the very cells of her body! Why would she need clothes?" Then I realize that I'm actually having to defend being naked to a group of guys! [laughs]

Question: Silly, silly geeks. Obviously, you don't have a phobia about being unclothed in public places.
Rebecca: No, but I definitely do have a huge phobia about rats. I can't deal with rats, can't even see one in a cage. They make me sick. And horses. I was thrown a couple of times when I was a kid. They're just too big and unpredictable to depend on. And I would never go bungee jumping; that freaks me out for some reason. I also have a fear of bad breath - both having it and smelling it.

Question: Excuse us while we chew up these last 30 Tic Tacs. So do you ever hope to play characters who aren't mutants or bisexual criminals?
Rebecca: I'm getting ready to do something after X-Men 2 that's going to be entirely different. I can't say that it's definite yet, but I'm going to play a totally normal, unglamorous mom. And I'm really excited about that! It's the first time I won't have special effects or wigs and makeup to hide behind.

Original article: Maxim 11/2002

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