Full House


Appearing on Wednesday as a guest on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live, Jerry O'Connell shared the story of how he had to tell his daughters that their mother was once married to Uncle Jesse from Full House.

The show's other guest was Full House star Lori Loughlin, and host Andy Cohen couldn't resist bringing up his guests' shared connection with John Stamos: Loughlin's character was married to Stamos' on the show, and in real life, O'Connell's wife Rebecca Romijn was previously married to Stamos.

O'Connell began explaining that his 6-year-old twin girls, Dolly and Charlie, are fans of the show. "Full House is on a continual loop," he said. "Because they expressed, like, real feelings for the character of Uncle Jesse, I said, 'You know girls, I gotta tell you something. This is gonna be crazy.' You know, I showed them photos on the Internet of [Stamos and Romijn's] wedding. And you were there," he said to Loughlin.

"And it was a beautiful ceremony. And my kids really want to know why Mom isn't still with him," O'Connell continued. " 'That was a mistake, Mom.' "

Original article: People.com