TV Appearances 2015


2015-12-27: The Librarians S02E10 (TNT)

2015-12-20: The Librarians S02E09 (TNT)

2015-12-13: The Librarians S02E08 (TNT)

2015-12-06: The Librarians S02E07 (TNT)

2015-11-29: The Librarians S02E06 (TNT)

2015-11-22: The Librarians S02E05 (TNT)

2015-11-15: The Librarians S02E04 (TNT)

2015-11-08: The Librarians S02E03 (TNT)

2015-11-01: The Librarians S02E01-02 (TNT)

2015-10-27: The Late Show with James Corden (CBS)

2015-10-09: Today Show (NBC)[Pictures]

2015-10-08: What Happens Live (Bravo)[Pictures]

2015-08-19: Skin Wars S02E10 (GSN)

2015-08-12: Skin Wars S02E09 (GSN)

2015-08-05: Skin Wars S02E08 (GSN)

2015-07-29: Skin Wars S02E07 (GSN)

2015-07-22: Skin Wars S02E06 (GSN)

2015-07-15: Skin Wars S02E05 (GSN)

2015-07-08: Skin Wars S02E04 (GSN)

2015-06-24: Skin Wars S02E03 (GSN)

2015-06-17: Skin Wars S02E02 (GSN)

2015-06-10: Skin Wars S02E01 (GSN)

2015-06-08: The Talk (ABC)

2015-05-18: The Late Late Show with James Corden (CBS)

2015-05-13: DragRace (Logo TV) [Pictures]

2015-01-18: The Librarians S01E09-10 (TNT)

2015-01-11: The Librarians S01E07-08 (TNT)

2015-01-04: The Librarians S01E06 (TNT)