Frequently Asked Questions

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What the main purpose of this website?
On "The Rebecca Romijn Fanpage" you can find Rebecca Romijn pictures and information. The main purpose of the page is to share information about supermodel and actress Rebecca Romijn.

I've seen a picture on this website which is my property?
The pictures and information about Rebecca Romijn on "The Rebecca Romijn Fanpage" have been gathered from different sources on the web. If you see a picture on "The Rebecca Romijn Fanpage" which is your property and you don't want to see the picture displayed on "The Rebecca Romijn Fanpage" please contact "The Rebecca Romijn Fanpage" and "The Rebecca Romijn Fanpage" will remove the picture(s).

I've found naked Rebecca Romijn pictures on other sites, but I don't see them on this site?
You're right, no naked pictures of Rebecca Romijn exist, so these are fake ones. Fake pictures will not be displayed on "The Rebecca Romijn Fanpage".

Why isn't hotlinking possible?
A special script has been installed to prevent hotlinking of images. Hotlinking costs me (the webmaster) money.

Is Rebecca Romijn the owner of this website?
No, Rebecca Romijn isn't the owner of this website. This website is owned by a Rebecca Romijn fan.

How can I contact Rebecca Romijn?
You can use the following autograph address:
Rebecca Romijn
c/o 3 Arts Entertainment
9460 Wilshire Blvd.
7th Floor
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
United States Of America

Is there an official Rebecca Romijn website?
No, there isn't an official Rebecca Romijn website.

Does The Rebecca Romijn Fanpage sell CD's with Rebecca Romijn pictures?
"The Rebecca Romijn Fanpage" doesn't sell CD's with Rebecca Romijn pictures on auction sites like Ebay. If you see CD's with Rebecca Romijn pictures they're not from "The Rebecca Romijn Fanpage".