Birthday of Rebecca Romijn's twin daughters


Actress Rebecca Romijn Feels Sorry For Her Twin Daughters Because They Have Never Felt The Excitement Of Celebrating Their Birthday

The X-Men beauty and her husband Jerry O'Connell welcomed Dolly and Charlie on 28 December, 2008, but Rebecca admits they get so swept up in the holiday festivities by the time their big day rolls around, everyone is exhausted.

"Their birthday happens to be December 28th, which, so sorry to say, is the worst birthday in the world!," she laughs. "Nobody feels like celebrating their birthday, not even them! I can't even get them to open presents on their birthday...! They're over it!

"Sadly, they had their first birthday party last year (14)... and I did it like two weeks ahead of time just to separate it from Christmas... They were not even that into it!"