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2013-08: Rebecca Romijn Redbook Magazine

2013-07-01: Rebecca Romijn Jimmy Kimmel Live Pictures

Rebecca Romijn: Why We Don’t Want Hired Help

Two kids were always in the cards for Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell. Despite battling infertility, the couple planned for a future as a family of four — and were doubly blessed when they discovered that not only was Romijn pregnant, but they were expecting twins!

Rebecca Romijn TV Guide Interview

In the lobby of the Ritz-Carlton hotel in midtown Manhattan, Rebecca Romijn is waiting for her costar, Jon Tenney, to arrive. She places a playfully brusque reminder call to his cell, then declares with a good-natured sigh, "He's probably upstairs blowing out his hair." And there you have it: The secret sauce in King & Maxwell, this summer's new procedural about two Washington, D.C.-based former Secret Service agents-turned-private eyes. The case of the week is secondary only to the playful rapport between the two leads. We sat down with the pair to investigate their spark.

Rebecca Romijn gets wet

Actress Rebecca Romijn, 40, plays a private eye on TNT's King & Maxwell, and chatted this week with PEOPLE about "one last thing"

Last sport I played
My character is a former Olympic rower, and I used to row, so I was like, "I'll show them how it's done." At my first training session, the boat was only about a foot wide and very tippy. I was in the lake in about two minutes.

Last great discovery

King and Maxwell Episode Guide

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