Rebecca Romijn and supermodels


Looks like Rebecca Romijn has a serious problem with Instagram models: In an interview with Entertainment Tonight on Tuesday, the supermodel-turned-actress expressed some pretty strong opinions about models who have gained a majority of their fame from social media. In particular, when asked about BFFs Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, Rebecca did not hold back.



Montreal Gazette Article

Oh, shut up: Victoria's Secret model Rebecca Romijn explains how awful it is to be a famous rich babe: "I feel I have to overcompensate all the time, make myself really human, really goofy, really humble to make people feel comfortable."

Worse, "It's irritating to always have to be ... set-dressing for the world. ... How can somebody take me seriously in a lacy bra and underpants?"

Original article: Montreal Gazette

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