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1993-07-26: Rebecca Romijn Elle France Magazine

2013-08: Rebecca Romijn Redbook Magazine

1993-03 Mademoiselle Pictures

2012-07 Health Pictures

07-2012 Rebecca Romijn Health Magazine Interview

The best way I can think to describe Rebecca Romijn, really, is that she's a walking smile. Arriving at her favorite café, she's in wide-mouth glee, greeting everyone on staff—and laughing, on average, about once every three minutes. Why? Life is good! This month, the 39-year-old—who just wrapped her second season of NTSF: SD: SUV on the Adult Swim network—is celebrating five years of marriage to actor Jerry O'Connell. Their twin girls, Charlie and Dolly, are three-and-a-half and bringing out her best. And she looks amazing.

1993-03 Marie Claire Germany Pictures

03-2012: Fitness Magazine

For actress Rebecca Romijn, giving birth to twin girls was the easy part. Losing the 60-plus pounds she put on? Not so much. Here's what finally worked to get her slim, strong, and in the best shape of her life.

2012-03 Rebecca Romijn Fitness Magazine Pictures

2011-07: Rebecca Romijn Vegas Magazine Pictures

1993-09-29 Rebecca Romijn Grazia Italy Pictures

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