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2013-08: Rebecca Romijn Redbook Magazine

1993-03 Mademoiselle Pictures

2012-07 Health Pictures

07-2012 Rebecca Romijn Health Magazine Interview

The best way I can think to describe Rebecca Romijn, really, is that she's a walking smile. Arriving at her favorite café, she's in wide-mouth glee, greeting everyone on staff—and laughing, on average, about once every three minutes. Why? Life is good! This month, the 39-year-old—who just wrapped her second season of NTSF: SD: SUV on the Adult Swim network—is celebrating five years of marriage to actor Jerry O'Connell. Their twin girls, Charlie and Dolly, are three-and-a-half and bringing out her best. And she looks amazing.

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03-2012: Fitness Magazine

For actress Rebecca Romijn, giving birth to twin girls was the easy part. Losing the 60-plus pounds she put on? Not so much. Here's what finally worked to get her slim, strong, and in the best shape of her life.

2012-03 Rebecca Romijn Fitness Magazine Pictures

2011-07: Rebecca Romijn Vegas Magazine Pictures

1993-09-29 Rebecca Romijn Grazia Italy Pictures

02-2012: Diablo Magazine Interview with Rebecca Romijn

Rebecca Romijn and Gabrielle Union have more than just Hollywood in common. Both are 39 years old, graduated from East Bay high schools, and found success as models, which led to big careers in movies and television. Their celebrity relationships have been followed by paparazzi. And this month, they share the screen in Tyler Perry’s latest drama, Good Deeds. In the film, Romijn and Union play best friends—and as you’ll begin to suspect, they’re pretty tight in real life, too.

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