07-2000 Maxim


Maxim: In real life you're a total morning person, right?
Rebecca: Yeah, I wake up at 6 A.M. and jump right into my day. Like, the last time I was in Vegas, I woke up, went downstairs, started playing slot machines, and won a $2,750 jackpot - 11,000 quarters - at 7 A.M. I'm screaming like crazy and the lights are going off, but I was about the only person in the entire casino. I'm like, Why can't there be anyone here to see this?

07-2000 Cosmopolitan


Cosmo: What's your usual summer beauty routine?
Rebecca Romijn: I use an oil-free moisturizer because I have oily skin and this prevents me from breaking out. I wear minimal makeup in the summertime, especially at the beach.

Cosmo: What's your night-out look?
Rebecca Romijn: Just a little black mascara and I always use Smith's Rosebud Salve on my lips.

Cosmo: What kind of swimsuit will you be sporting this summer?
Rebecca Romijn: I'll be mismatching my bikinis - like wearing a floral top with a striped bottom.

07-1999 Cosmopolitan


Cosmo: What's your summer beauty routine like?
Rebecca Romijn: Minimal makeup, and I skip moisturizer on my face - my skin is really sensitive so I'm letting it find its natural moisture balance.

Cosmo: Have you discovered any great new products lately?
Rebecca Romijn: I've been on an endless hunt for the perfect lip balm, and I finally found it - Lip Saver by Molton Brown. Lara Flynn Boyle told me about it after Michelle Pfeiffer told her about it. It keeps lips soft without being sticky, so my husband doesn't mind kissing me when I wear it.

04-1999: Cosmopolitan


Cosmo: What's your fashion passion?
Rebecca Romijn: I love vintage clothes. I just bought four antique lace dresses. It's a thrill to find a special piece that you know isn't in every department store.

Cosmo: How do you take care of your hair?
Rebecca Romijn: I use shampoo and conditioner by Paul Brown, a line tat comes from Hawaii. It's so natural, you could eat it!

05-1999 Glamour


It's Rebecca Romijn redux. The blond supermodel who graced the cover of Sports Illustrated's February (1999, RRF) swimsuit issue is back wearing a bikini on Glamour magazine's upcoming May swimsuit issue.

Glamour editor Bonnie Fuller defends her copycat-like choice, saying: "The image she is projecting is so different. The look is made for women to relate to. She is sitting there looking comfortable. It's not an itsy-bitsy bathing suit."


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