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austin powers

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Austin Powers Premiere

Rebecca Romijn and John Stamos at the Premiere of the movie "Austin Powers: The Spy who shagged me". (37 seconds)

Austin Powers Information

Cast: Burt Bacharach, Gia Carides (Robin Swallows), Elvis Costello, Will Ferrell, Heather Graham (Felicity Shagwell), Seth Green (Scott Evil), Woody Harrelson, Elizabeth Hurley (Vanessa), Kristen Johnston (Ivana Humpalot), Rob Lowe (Young Number Two), Mike Myers (Fat Bastard), Charles Napier, Willie Nelson, Tim Robbins, Rebecca Romijn, Jerry Springer, Mindy Sterling (Frau Farbissina), Verne J. Troyer (Mini-Me), Robert Wagner (Number Two), Fred Willard, Michael York (Basil Exposition).

Camera: Ueli Steiger
Director: Jay Roach

Austin Powers Premiere

At the premiere of "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me" E! Online talked with John Stamos and Rebecca Romijn:

E! Online: John Stamos is headed this way with his beautiful wife, Rebecca Romijn--or rather Rebecca Romijn-Stamos--who is in the movie.

John: I read E! Online!

E! Online: Your wife looks great in the movie, so good-looking. She sizzles. How about your career, is it sizzling back up again?

John: Yes, starting to sizzle again, got a lot of projects going on--a miniseries.

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