femme fatale

FMi TV Interview


Kevin Dees: So Rebecca, this is the first film where you are actually really carrying the movie.

Rebecca Romijn: I know.

Kevin Dees: Did you feel like that was...

Rebecca Romijn: The pressure?

Kevin Dees: the pressure.

Rebecca Romijn: Did I feel the heat.

Kevin Dees: Did you feel the heat?

TVPaf Interview


Interviewer: So how are you doing tonight?

Rebecca Romijn: I’m doing great so far. I finally found the alcohol, so I’m happy.

Interviewer: You are so elegant tonight.

Rebecca Romijn: Thank you.

Interviewer: But, I mean, in the film you are “Femme Fatale”, so which one do you are really? A femme fatale or an elegant…

Rebecca Romijn: Femme Fatale, it is just a character. It is only a movie my friend.

Interviewer: I am so disappointed.

Rebecca Romijn: I’m sorry.

Interviewer. So you’re not in the real life?

Premiere Interview


Directors cleave to Romijn, who is inquisitive without being uppity. In the scramble to replace Uma Thurman after she dropped out of Femme Fatale, Romijn was flown to Paris to meet with director De Palma, who also wrote the screenplay. The meeting began badly. "I guess he was just irritated that I didn't understand the story completely. I think the producers had flown me in to meet him, I don't think he personally had requested to meet with me. So . . . who is this model who doesn't understand my script entirely?"


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