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TV Appearances 2018 - 2019


2019-02-14: Wendy Williams [Article]

2019-01-29: What Happens Live (NBC) [Pictures]

When Jerry O'Connell and fellow Bravo stan/his real-life Real Housewife, Rebecca Romijn, stopped by Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen this week, the duo opened up about a less-than-pleasant encounter they had with Brandi Glanville.

TV Appearances 2017


2017-12-27: The Librarians S04E05/E06 (TNT)

2017-12-20: The Librarians S04E03/E04 (TNT)

2017-12-13: The Librarians S04E01/E02 (TNT)

2017-01-27: The Talk (CBS)

2017-01-23: The Today Show (NBC) [Pictures]

2017-01-22: The Librarians S03E10 (TNT)

2017-01-15: The Librarians S03E09 (TNT)

2017-01-08: The Librarians S03E08 (TNT)

2017-01-01: The Librarians S03E07 (TNT)

TV Appearances 2016


2016-12-25: The Librarians S03E06 (TNT)

2016-12-18: The Librarians S03E05 (TNT)

2016-12-11: The Librarians S03E04 (TNT)

2016-12-04: The Librarians S03E03 (TNT)

2016-11-27: The Librarians S03E02 (TNT)

2016-11-20: The Librarians S03E01 (TNT)

2016-11-20: What Happens Live (Bravo) [Pictures]

2016-11-18: The Today Show (NBC) [Pictures]

2016-05-04: Skin Wars (GSN)

2016-04-27: Skin Wars (GSN)

09-22-2009: Late Night with Conan O'Brien Transcript (NBC)


Conan O'Brien: My first guest tonight played Mystique in the X-Men movies. Starting tomorrow night she can be seen starring on the new ABC series "Eastwick". We are thrilled she is here tonight, please welcome Rebecca Romijn.
You look absolutely stunning, you look gorgeous.

Rebecca Romijn: Thank you very much.

Conan: I love your leather pants and the whole thing. It is good.

Rebecca: Is it working for you?

Conan: Yes it is. Thanks for being here.

Rebecca: How is California treating you so far?

TV Appearances 2015


2015-12-27: The Librarians S02E10 (TNT)

2015-12-20: The Librarians S02E09 (TNT)

2015-12-13: The Librarians S02E08 (TNT)

2015-12-06: The Librarians S02E07 (TNT)

2015-11-29: The Librarians S02E06 (TNT)

2015-11-22: The Librarians S02E05 (TNT)

2015-11-15: The Librarians S02E04 (TNT)

2015-11-08: The Librarians S02E03 (TNT)

2015-11-01: The Librarians S02E01-02 (TNT)

2015-10-27: The Late Show with James Corden (CBS)

2015-10-09: Today Show (NBC)[Pictures]

TV Appearances 2014


2014-12-28: The Librarians S01E05 (TNT)

2014-12-21: The Librarians S01E04 (TNT)

2014-12-14: The Librarians S01E03 (TNT)

2014-12-10: Conan [Pictures]

2014-12-07: The Librarians S01E0102 (TNT)

2014-12-05: The Talk (CBS)

2014-12-03: Jimmy Kimmel (ABC)

2014-09-17: Skin Wars (GSN)

2014-09-10: Skin Wars (GSN)

2014-09-03: Skin Wars (GSN)

2014-08-27: Skin Wars (GSN)

2014-08-20: Skin Wars (GSN)

2014-08-13: Skin Wars (GSN)


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