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Rebecca Romijn gets wet

Actress Rebecca Romijn, 40, plays a private eye on TNT's King & Maxwell, and chatted this week with PEOPLE about "one last thing"

Last sport I played
My character is a former Olympic rower, and I used to row, so I was like, "I'll show them how it's done." At my first training session, the boat was only about a foot wide and very tippy. I was in the lake in about two minutes.

Last great discovery

2011-10-24: Rebecca Romijn The Talk Pictures

2012-02-16: Rebecca Romijn Conan O'Brian Pictures

TV Appearances 2012 - 2013

08-19-2013: The Morning Show (Canada)

08-13-2013: Live with Kelly & Michael (syndicated)

08-12-2013: Live with Kelly & Michael (syndicated)

08-12-2013: King and Maxwell (S01E10, TNT) [Article] [Pictures]

08-05-2013: King and Maxwell (S01E09, TNT) [Article] [Pictures]

08-01-2013: Conan (TBS)

2011-12-16: Chuck Pictures

2011-10-27: Rebecca Romijn Extra TV Taping

TV Appearances 2010 - 2011

12-16-2011: Chuck (NBC) [Pictures]

10-27-2011: Extra TV [Pictures]

10-27-2011: Jimmy Kimmel Live (ABC)

10-24-2011: The Talk (CBS) [Pictures]

2011-08-31: Rebecca Romijn on Rachel Ray

For Rebecca Romijn, life couldn't be sweeter with hubby Jerry O'Connell and their twin girls Charlie and Dolly. But, she admits, chasing after the toddlers leaves her little time for herself. "I barely have time to brush my teeth in the morning!" she laughs. "On a day-to-day basis, I've got to figure out ways to cut down on my prep time."

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