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TV Appearances 2014

2014-08-07: Live with Kelly & Michael (syndicated)

2014-08-06: Live with Kelly & Michael (syndicated)

Rebecca Romijn gets wet

Actress Rebecca Romijn, 40, plays a private eye on TNT's King & Maxwell, and chatted this week with PEOPLE about "one last thing"

Last sport I played
My character is a former Olympic rower, and I used to row, so I was like, "I'll show them how it's done." At my first training session, the boat was only about a foot wide and very tippy. I was in the lake in about two minutes.

Last great discovery

2011-10-24: Rebecca Romijn The Talk Pictures

2012-02-16: Rebecca Romijn Conan O'Brian Pictures

TV Appearances 2012 - 2013

08-19-2013: The Morning Show (Canada)

08-13-2013: Live with Kelly & Michael (syndicated)

08-12-2013: Live with Kelly & Michael (syndicated)

08-12-2013: King and Maxwell (S01E10, TNT) [Article] [Pictures]

08-05-2013: King and Maxwell (S01E09, TNT) [Article] [Pictures]

08-01-2013: Conan (TBS)

2011-12-16: Chuck Pictures

2011-10-27: Rebecca Romijn Extra TV Taping

TV Appearances 2010 - 2011

12-16-2011: Chuck (NBC) [Pictures]

10-27-2011: Extra TV [Pictures]

10-27-2011: Jimmy Kimmel Live (ABC)

10-24-2011: The Talk (CBS) [Pictures]

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