Episode 6


Episode 6, October 28, 2009 (Bonfire and Betrayal) [Pictures]

In Eastwick, a ritual takes place every Halloween night. Coffins are filled with items representing the burdens people have endured. They are placed under a likeness of a giant witch in the center of a field. The mountain of caskets is set ablaze as the town celebrates by the bonfire. Doesn’t anyone go trick or treating anymore?

Jerry on Eastwick


Is there anything more magical than a casting scoop that breaks the proverbial fourth wall? I think not. Case in point: Sources confirm to me exclusively that Jerry O’Connell has booked a multi-episode arc opposite his real-life wife, Rebecca Romijn, on ABC’s increasingly addictive drama Eastwick.

O’Connell, who will appear in the final two episodes of Eastwick’s initial 13-episode order, will play Colin, a hot new neighbor of Kat’s (Jaime Ray Newman) who is hiding a dark and magical secret.

Episode 5


Episode 5, October 21, 2009 (Mooning and Crooning) [Pictures]

Darryl Van Horne tells a tale of a legendary wild moon known as Luna Solvo, which is Latin for “the moon releases.” According to Darryl, the night of this moon is near and it threatens to unleash the inner-hedonist lurking inside the good people of Eastwick. Sounds like a party!

Starpulse Interview


Starpulse: Tell us about your version of Roxie on the show.
Rebecca Romijn: It's based on the movie and the book. Roxie is a Bohemian artist with a 15-year-old daughter who lives just outside of town. She's the bohemian artist that lives outside of town and she's got a 15-year-old daughter. She starts having psychic visions, dreams that start coming true, dreams and nightmares that start coming true.

Emmy Awards


When you look over the TV academy's official list of Emmy contenders and don't see Rebecca Romijn in the supporting comedy race, the first thing you might think is: Aha! It's a diva move by someone splitting from the Ultimate TV Series About Fashion Divas: "Ugly Betty." But, no. Rebecca Romijn's not listed because her reps — uh, oh! — forgot to enter her name. "It was an oversight," her spokesman confirms.


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