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Rebecca is one of my icons that I look up to.She is so beautiful and talented!I think she is a GREAT actress, and greater at modling.She doing a wonderful job~*~ Keep up the good work Rebecca! I'm 16 and trying to get into modeling, and acting. I love to act, so at John Casablanca modeling I think I have a good chance to becoming like my icon~*~Rebecca.


great site

Elwin Keith Haseltin

I first came across Rebecca Romijn-Stamos 1 when I was looking for a screen-saver. She certainly IS a beautiful woman. Even though I am married and have been for 47 years I can't get her out of my mind.....enough said. Elwin K. Haseltine
By the way: I have her slideshow as my screen-saver. Thanks!


Rebecca is a beautiful women, but her acting skills are terrible! Stick at what you're good at and do us all a favor: STOP ACTING! By the way, if anyone wants to see a boring movie; go see "femme fatale"!!


Thank you for such a nice site.

all the dutch

a great site, thanks for creating this !!
Rebecca... amaaaazing !! never seen it anywhere !!


No so many people signed the guestbook yet!! Well, let me b the first to give the creator a big compliment!! Good job, and keep it up!!