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i think rebecca romjin is the most beautiful woman i've ever seen. she's so gorgeous and sexy. i am glad she's with jerry now. i know people disagree with her choice when it comes to jerry but she's very happy with jerry. jerry is a very cool guy. he makes rebecca happy. as for rebecca's ex goes. i don't really care about john. he's been seen all over town with different girls. if he loved rebecca then he shouldn't file for divorce in the first place. he's the one who filed for divorce not rebecca. i think rebecca is better off without john stamos.


well i think rebecca romjin is really so wonderful how good you were great models person very beautiful i ever seen. i heared you breaking up with john stamos you got divorce thts terrible to im shocked. you are my real best biggest fan rebecca romjin. i love john stamos 1st time i met him in new york city he sign my picture for me i ask him how lucky to have him as a friend he gave a kiss gave me nice letter hes my boyfriend i like him alot hes my boyfriend hes all mine im sorry ask you that i will marry him its my turn.


this is an amazing site.. awsome uploads of becky's pics.. a truly beautiful site for a gorgeous beauty.. just can't stop myself from downloading the pics.. a paradice for a rebecca's number 1 fan.. thats me...


i had a lesbian dream..............


romijntje ik wil een beschuitje met je eten


romijntje IK HOU VAN JOU


This is a wonderful website. I hope to be able to convince "Trippin" to go on a shark dive with me in May. Sharks are endangered, 200 Million are being killed every year. They are essential in maintaining the biological balance in the ecosystem ocean. And the ocean produces 80% of the oxygen we need in order to breathe. If the sharks die the oceans die and we will all follow because without oxygen we have no chance of survival. I swim with sharks to prove that they are not as dangerous as we are told by the media and in movies. Anybody who is interested in sharks, please contact me.


Hi! I can't say that I'm a fanatic, but I think that Rebecca Romjin is gorgeous and a good actress. Peace!


wow i just found out that was you in xmen unbievable!!! good luck on your next flick i know it will be sweet.


bin ein ganz großer Fan
wo könnte man seine Traumfrau wieder treffen

Du siehst toll aus und bist irgendwie einfach super symphatisch.
Bleib so!

Grüße Jason


Hi, I'm French and I love your website, you must have done an hard work to create it and I want to say you that your site is wonderful, thanks for your excellent work and good luck for your next creation ;o)


Hello, your website is wonderful, that's why I bookmarked it. Thank your for the good work you must have put in to create this facility. Keep up the excellent work!

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it's a very nice website, great design


hello rebecca wishes for new years ...i like you ..and your website
Great websit.. for most beautful woman on the world


Hi! Im a girl and i have to say that i love your movies.I like Goodsand with Greg and De Niro and i have seen all of yours movies and you are doing great.All the best wishes Biba

Jason Ross

I think you are one of the hottest and sexiest women models ever since Elle MacPherson came along. It's too bad you divorced your husband TV and Movie actor John Stamos. But guess what I'm available for you. Maybe someday when we get together just the two of us. You can take a plane and fly up here to Canada? Because I live in Thunder Bay, Ontario. We can go to a private hotel room and get naked by having sex with each other in bed. First I will do is climb onto your back and you can give me a piggyback ride. Then I'll put my penis into your vagina. Where your ass is and I will fuck you forever!!After that we'll hug and kiss by making exotic and passionate love. We can also get married and I could be a male model just like you. Last but not least will make a plan by doing an x-rated porno film and call it "Jason & Rebecca's Orgasim Adventures"! What do you think of that idea?I LOVE YOU REBECCA ROMIJN!!


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Great site. I think this woman deserves a site like this. She seems like a down to earth, genuine person that likes to have fun. More power to her.


Lovely site you have.I read you have dutch roots.can you talk dutch?tot ziens


cool site! keep it working