Sightings 2019


2019-11-15: The Humane Society Of The United States To The Rescue! New York Gala 2019 (Cipriani 42nd Street, NYC) [Pictures]

2019-11-07: Carter Photocall (Hotel Urso, Madrid, Spain) [Pictures]

2019-08-23: Satanic Panic Premiere (Egyptian Theatre, LA) [Pictures]

2019-07-30: In conversation with Andy Cohen (92nd Street Y, NYC) [Pictures]

2019-07-20: Comic Con (San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, CA)

2019-04-01: Toronto Airport [Pictures]

2019-03-31: Canadian Screen Awards (Toronto, Canada) [Pictures]

2019-02-09: 2019 Winter TCA Tour (Tournament House - Pasadena, CA) [Pictures]

2019-01-28: 'Reign Of The Supermen' New York Premiere (The Directors Guild of America Theater, NYC) [Pictures]

2019-01-26: Andy Cohen Baby Shower (Palm Restaurant, Beverly Hills, CA)

“I found out that day at [the] baby shower that I can’t be a housewife because I can’t drink like they can drink and I can drink well,” Rebecca told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY at the 2019 Winter TCA Hallmark Channel Party. “I’m proud of the way that I can drink! I can’t drink like the Housewives can drink. They drank my *ss under the table that day! I couldn’t believe it. I don’t even remember going home that night. I said to [husband] Jerry [O’Connell, 44], ‘How late was it when we got home last night?’ He was like, ‘It was 7pm!'”

That’s true, Rebecca – the housewives are a whole different league when it comes to having a good time together! But just because Rebecca couldn’t keep up with the rest of the housewives drinking-wise at Andy’s baby shower, it doesn’t mean she didn’t have fun hanging out with them! “I had a lot of conversations with all of them,” Rebecca continued. “The ones that I hadn’t met before, I really enjoyed meeting. It was really fun.”

2019-01-17: 'Star Trek: Discovery' Season 2 Premiere (Conrad, NYC) [Pictures]

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