2019-08-15: Jerry O' Show


She made an appearance to support her husband during the inaugural week of his new daytime talk show Jerry O'. Rebecca Romijn didn't seem like a happy camper as she confronted Jerry O'Connell, 45, on Thursday's episode about a video he aired on the show earlier that week. The 46-year-old actress and model was reacting to a video her husband posted of her fast asleep and snoring loudly.

Rebecca was dressed for the appearance in a navy blue body contoured Tadashi Shoji dress decorated with light blue and magenta streaks. The slim look featured a fishnet panel over her midriff to highlight her trim frame. Her trademark blonde tresses were styled down in light waves. Jerry looked equally classy in a pale gray plaid blazer with gray slacks and a gray and white checker shirt.

'I have been sharing a lot of personal stories on television, about well, us as a couple,' Jerry said. 'Are you okay with that?' When she coyly asked which video he was referring to, he prefaced it by asking, 'You’re not going to announce we’re getting divorced right?' 'No, no, no. That would be super awkward. This is not the right time for that,' she deadpanned. Still, she said there was one video in particular that she was 'not cool with.' 'It’s so vulnerable!' Rebecca shouted over her husband. 'You are so vulnerable when you’re sleeping, you’re in the most vulnerable place imaginable. And then you’re going to share that.'

'This is turning into an episode of Dr. Phil now,' joked Jerry, eliciting a laugh from the audience. According to the Stand By Me Star, his wife was just getting a taste of her own medicine after she pulled a similar stunt. 'I just want to say, full disclosure, we were in a meeting and we were talking about sleeping in the same bedroom, and you were like "I have a video of Jerry snoring," and then you Airdropped it to everyone in the office,' he complained. 'Oh, I know!' she replied, barely containing her laughter. 'The next night I was ready,' he explained. 'Rebecca fell asleep and I was like, "oh yeah."'

'Newsflash, um, I didn’t clear that,' said the X-Men star. 'I didn’t clear that legally, I didn’t clear that. And it’s making me feel like I have a little pull around here, all of a sudden. Now I’m feeling powerful, like I could, if I wanted to really go after it, like, I could go after it. I could sue. I could take over. I could take over the show, I could. I could fully just take … in fact.' Suddenly, the 'Jerry O'' logo on the TV panels behind the set transformed into 'Rebecca Romijn O'.' 'It's my show!' he roared back.

'Well, just imagine if I really took this, all the way. What would that look like?' Rebecca asked the audience. 'It’s not the same, turn it back,” O’Connell said. “Turn it back, Its not fair. You just went all Judge Judy on me and got legal.' The Femme Fatale star appeared to have thought out her line of attack in advance. 'There’s a logo, I’ve got a logo already,' she said, holding up professionally printed note cards. 'Look it, they've already printed out my name. 'Rebecca Romjin O', I like it, it’s got a nice ring to it,' she mused to herself as Jerry whined that it wasn't fair.

Rather than Jerry asking his wife about their new film Satanic Panic, she asked him if he enjoyed working with her on the project. 'My wife is like, "Look at me, I am the captain now,"' he joked before getting serious. 'Yeah, I really do enjoy working with you. It is fun. Listen, we carpool to work, we run lines, it’s a good time. Don’t you enjoy working with me?' 'You had a lot of fun,' she replied. 'We were shooting through the month of October, on Halloween, you went out with your friends. We were shooting in Dallas, Texas. Do we have pictures of Jerry waking up after Halloween?'

The audience got a good laugh in as a photo of Jerry looking somewhat less than a stud in a tiny red crop top popped up on screen. 'I took that picture, that is how Jerry woke up the morning after Halloween,' she said. 'I woke up like dis,' he joked.

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