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Need a good alibi? Rebecca Romijn is heating up the big screen as a tempting grifter caught up in a murder case in 'The Alibi.' "It's not exactly the kind of business you want a lot of people knowing about," the newly single star tells Mark about her character's profession. In 'Alibi,' Rebecca plays Lola Davies, an alluring con woman who may be the key to the survival of the owner of an alibi service for adulterous husbands and wives. Ray Elliott (Steve Coogan of 'Around the World in 80 Days') is the owner, an ex-con man whose future is put in jeopardy when a client, Wendell Hatch ('X-Men' co-star James Marsden), accidentally strangles his date (Jaime King) the weekend before his wedding.

Now an accessory to murder, Ray must mastermind one final con with Lola's help to clear his name, all the while dodging a heart-broken, revenge-minded chauffeur (John Leguizamo), a high-minded assassin (Sam Elliott) and Wendell's father, Robert (James Brolin) -- another client of his.

"It's got this very stylized, film noir quality and this really cool tone," Rebecca says about the star-studded flick, which also stars Selma Blair, Henry Rollins and Jerry O'Connell.

For someone who had to endure hours upon hours of prosthetic make-up to portray the blue Mystique in the 'X-Men' series,' Rebecca is relishing the opportunity to dress up "normally" yet again in this thriller. "I actually get to wear really beautiful suits and get babe hair and makeup, which is really fun," says the 31-year-old actress. "I'm always excited to wear great clothes. Does that make me shallow?"

Original article: Yahoo!

Transcript of the Interview

Mark Steines: I’m with Rebecca Romijn on the set of her new movie: “The Alibi” for…
Rebecca Romijn: another ET first.

Mark Steines: There it is, you need an alibi?
Rebecca Romijn: For what?

Mark Steines: I don’t know. Did you do anything bad?
Rebecca Romijn: I’d supposed to be at work right now.

Mark Steines: So, if I would have said: “Rebecca, listen, Rebecca, I got myself in a jam and you need to cover for me, you’ll be my alibi”. Would you be good at it?
Rebecca Romijn: Well, yeah.

Mark Steines: You could pull it of?
Rebecca Romijn: The people they cast in this movie are amazing. It is just…

Mark Steines: Never heard of them?
Rebecca Romijn: I mean, come on, it is hilarious, cast of characters, I’m not talking about the characters in the movie, I’m talking about the actors playing them. It is like between, you know, Selma Blair and Sam Elliot and Jim Browning and James Marsden. This is our first movie we have done together, me and James Marsden and we have yet to speak one line of dialogue to each other. It is a really great group of people and it was really exciting to be part of it.

Rebecca Romijn Alibi Interview

Rebecca Romijn: I play Lola Davies who is the woman that re-hires to help him run the "Alibi" agency and she is sort of a smart babe which is fun. I like it. I get to wear babe make-up and babe hair and babe clothes and be smart.

She's got some problems with the fundamental integrity of the company when he first interviews her for the job but as soon as he takes her in to see his number one client played by James Brolin and she sees what is going on in that room she is sold and she wants to work for that company because it is fun.

He is really fun to work with and really fun to play off and extremely
hilarious and very enduring. He has got this very vulnerable quality and he is fun to play off. Very collaborative.

They try to keep it seperated for a little while. I think... well my
character flirts with his character pretty heavily from, pretty much from the get go and we play this little game with each other. You know, he finally comes around.

They have got an amazing sense of style and they are really cool and very connected to what they are doing and very very prepared. They have an amazing eye. I love the way they work together.

I thought it was very smart and complicated but in a really cool way and it holds your attention really well and it is paste well. I thought the characters were all great characters.

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