Austin Powers Premiere


At the premiere of "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me" E! Online talked with John Stamos and Rebecca Romijn:

E! Online: John Stamos is headed this way with his beautiful wife, Rebecca Romijn--or rather Rebecca Romijn-Stamos--who is in the movie.

John: I read E! Online!

E! Online: Your wife looks great in the movie, so good-looking. She sizzles. How about your career, is it sizzling back up again?

John: Yes, starting to sizzle again, got a lot of projects going on--a miniseries.

E! Online: Rebecca, you are so good in this movie. How does it feel to be a nouveau Bond gal?

Rebecca: I play myself, so I never considered myself a Bond gal. But I don't know, I haven't seen it yet. Is it okay?

E! Online: You're fabulous. So tell me, what do you find so sexy about Mike Myers?

Rebecca: What's sexy about Mike Myers is his ass.

E! Online: You're free to answer John

John: He has a very handsome ass.

Rebecca: Yes, it's his ass.

John: And it's always smooth.

Rebecca: Because he shaves his ass. We see it early, and we see it often.

John: He shaves it. I think he uses Neet. We spend a lot of time with Mike, and he's always shows his ass.

Rebecca: He shows his..., Mike Meyers shows his ass a lot.

John: Can we say ass one more time?

E! Online: But if you say it again, you have to tell if you shave yours.

John: You know, I use Neet on my hair

Rebecca: Mike Myers shows his ass early and often and it is always smooth.

Original article: E! Online

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