Arena Interview


"When I heard the news I was 20 per cent excited and 80 per cent terrified," Rebecca Romijn says, easing into a comfortable chair in her ranch in the Santa Monica hills. "It was such a huge responsibility. I didn't want to let him down. I'd heard stories about him and he's got a reputation for being a bear sometimes. It turned out that he was a little moody - you never knew which Brian you were going to get - but once we started working together it was great. He was very patient as I needed help with a lot of stuff - I'm still fairly green."

The film held a number of firsts for Rebecca; it was the first time she'd had to do an accent (French; needs a bit of work), the first time she'd had to do a striptease (pretty hot) and her first girl-on-girl screen kiss (in a toilet cubicle; very hot).

"The kissing was a little awkward," she says. "But it's what making movies is all about, it's doing stuff that you don't normally do in real life. The other girl was Rie Rasmussen who is a really good friend of mine, which made it easier. Brian involved me in the casting and we saw a lot of gilrs, and they were all nice but they didn't have that edge. So I suggested Rie and thankfully Brian loved her."

Although it didn't make watching the scenes any easier for Rebecca, particularly when she was sitting next to her close and extended family. "My parents and my mother-in-law were at the premiere and I was so embarrassed. At certain times I had to cover my eyes and plug my ears. I went up to my mother-in-law at the end and went, "I'm so embarrassed about some of the things you just saw, I can't even look you in the eye," but she went, "Oh don't be silly, you didn't do anything in there that I've never done," and I was like, "What? Having girl-on-girl sex in a toilet stall somewhere? Tell me your stories!".

Orignal article: Arena Magazine 6/2003

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