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Comment devenir... “Femme Fatale”?

Rebecca Romijn: The script is extremely complicated when you read it, and I didn't completely understand it and I got on this plane without a full understanding of the script. Came and met with Brian, had a meeting with him and started talking about his vision of the movie and rehearsed it a couple of times and did a screen test and as I got into it with him, I became very, very, very into the character, very engaged with the character and shortly after that, I was cast within days. It happened very quickly and then you know, three weeks later I was on a plane to Paris. It is the most romantic city in the world. It certainly provides a dramatic and extraordinary beautiful backdrop for the movie.

Tout, on elle, n'est que mensonge

Rebecca Romijn: Other people would think, everybody about her is a lie, she is pretty true to herself. She's a bitch, she is not a nice girl, she does everything for very, very selfish reasons and she is a sceemer, she is constantly sceeming, so yes, everything about her is a lie. It is very difficult to really know who..., Even when you see the movie, it is very difficult to know who the real Laure is.

Brian de Palma

Rebecca Romijn: He is extremely relaxed, actually, which I didn't expect. I came before three weeks we started shooting to rehearse with him and Antonio came early also. We had a lot of rehearsal time, which was really nice. His shots can be so specific and so complicated. It's been great. He is very helpful, he is very encouraging, he is very supportive. I've learned a lot from him. It's been really fun so far.

Un defi d'actrice

Rebecca Romijn: I'm never comfortable, ever, which is a good thing, because I know that I am growing as a person and as an actress. When I'm not comfortable, that's when you are challenging yourself. There is a lot of days when I'm playing two different characters within the same day. It never gets boring. I get to do so many different things and the character takes so many different turns. And Brian loves it too, because he gets five or six different girls in one movie.

Ce qu'en pense le mari: John Stamos

Rebecca Romijn: My husband read the script right before I left and he said, you can do this. This girl is just a selfish, selfish, selfish girl and you have that in you. He said, just go to Paris and find that selfish girl and everything you do while you're in Paris, do it for your own selfish reasons. That's what this character is about. Yeah, I've had to tap in some dark places, but I have a selfish side and I have a dark side and it's been difficult to embrace that part of myself as I've been here, but it also feels very pure in a way.

Et... Antonio Banderas?

Rebecca Romijn: He's my victim, he's my victim numero uno. I don't want to give away too much of the story. The things I wanna say about his character and the story would actually give away the twist of the end of the story.

Le mythe de la femme fatale

Rebecca Romijn: “Femme Fatale” is different in femininity. Femme Fatale is somebody who..., she is a woman who knows what her strengths are and uses them to get what she wants, in a very manipulative way. I don't think that women and femininity is about that. In this case, you know, the femme fatale uses her sexuality, uses her beauty, uses her mind. I mean she is very sharp. She is constantly sceeming. She is you know..., She probably doesn't sleep at night because she is too busy thinking about the next person she is gonna screw over.

La Beaute

Rebecca Romijn: I think, beauty carries an enormous amount of power that you can tap into, but never to rely on. I think that there is millions of beautiful people out there and you know, beauty is only skin deep as they say. It's you know..., I think, the real beauty always comes from the inside. It is cliche as it is that to say.

Fatalite et boule de cristal

Rebecca Romijn: I believe that you can manifest your own destiny. I believe that you are in charge, that you are responsible for what you do in this world. I don't know if I believe in faith taking over. I think that you are in charge of your own faith. It is a combination of opportunities arising when you are prepared for them. It's you know..., that is pretty much my theory of luck also. I mean that is what luck is all about. It is being prepared to open yourself up to an opportunity. There is a famous Jack Nicholson quote, where he once said “Everybody gets their chance, you have just to be ready for it” and I believe in that, you know it is all about getting ready for your chances in life. I mean, I don't know if I believe in the crystal ball theory, you know it, is part of the fantasy of the movie, but it is an interesting theory.

Et de Palma Recrea “Cannes”

Rebecca Romijn: The opening scene of the movie is the “Cannes Film festival”. My first “Cannes Film” premiere will be the re-enactment that we shoot here in Cannes in two weeks when we come back and shoot the movie. I haven't been to a movie premiere in Cannes yet, so that will be my first “Cannes Film” premiere. It's actually on the set of a movie. This jewel heist that my character Laure is involved in, and she loures a model, a female model, who is wearing millions of dollars worth of jewelry into a bathroom stall and removes her jewelry as she is making out with her. I don't know if my mom is allowed to see this movie.

De la mode au cinema

Rebecca Romijn: I have learned from every single solitary moment up until this point and I'm not sorry, I don't regret anything that I have done up until this moment in my life and in my career. I'm so grateful for everything that has happened. I feel very lucky, I mean, I would be here without the years that I spent modeling, from modeling to television and the doors that that opened into film. I have taken so much experience from all those moments.


Rebecca Romijn: “X-Men 2” is in the works apparently. We're waiting to see what happens with the actors strike, to see when that will happen. For the moment we all get a little bit of a break, you know, to go and relax a little bit. I've got Rollerball coming up in August, so I'm gonna go home and promote that a little bit. But hopefully I will get a little bit of time to spent with my husband.

Rebecca Romijn: Live with an open heart, die with an open heart.

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