Elle Interview


Elle: You even have a lesbion love scene in Femme Fatale, don't you?
Rebecca Romijn: Yeah - it's a pretty graphic scene. It was supposed to be me and a model, and Rie, the new Gucci
girl, is a really good friend of mine, so I asked Brian [De Palma, RRF] if he'd audition her, and she got the part. I mean, I saw her at nightclubs [researching the role], and the way she hit on girls, well, John and I watch with our jaws on the floor, 'cause if she was a man, she'd be in jail! Anyway, it was great having a friend to do it with me instead of some stranger.

Elle: Did it give you any new ideas?
Rebecca Romijn: You know, in my early twenties I wondered if I was interested in women and so I kind of, well ... did my homework. [Grins] And it turns out I'm pretty straight.

Elle: Explain something to me: Why do men find two women together so hot?
Rebecca Romijn: Straight men love boobs, and the only thing better than two boobs is four boobs!

Elle: And just why are men so obsessed with, um, boobs?
Rebecca Romijn: Because they don't have 'em! [Laughs]

Elle: Okay, but how does John feel about his wafe baring hers on-screen - let alone making out with hunks like Antonio Banderas?
Rebecca Romijn: I'm not gonna lie: He hates [the nudity], so it's something we talk about. Look I'd never do it just to do it - it's gotta have value to the story. And, you know, it's funny, I didn't feel nude in X-Men. I'd look in the mirror and think, This costume is a work of art. Now, as for kissing Antonio [Banderas, RRF]: On teh record, John and I, both being in the industry, have a deep understanding of what the other does, and work is work. [Grins'Off the record - but you can print it - is that it's... well, it's awesome to kiss Antonio Banderas. I mean, he's hot - he's Antonio! You know, I've heard people call what we [actors] do "legalized cheating," and I don't know if I'd go that far, but, hey, if you want to call it that, great.

Elle: So was Melanie Griffith on set supervising Antonio?
Rebecca Romijn: She was around, but when you're married to somebody and the only time you can be with them is on the set, you go to the set.

Original article: Elle 4/2002

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