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As though Rebecca Romijn didn't already have the lesbians going mad for her after X-Men--where her costume as Mystique was blue paint and little else--now she's starring in Brian De Palma's new erotic thriller, Femme Fatale, where her passionate, scenes with fellow supermodel Rie Rasmussen have set heart rates increasing around the globe. The Buzz recently caught up with the ravishing Romijn via E-mail, and she coyly teased us with tasty tidbits about her racy new role.

Question: What did you learn from working with Brian De Palma?
Rebecca: I learned that he is kind of a strange person-- which I loved because I never knew what to expect next.

Question: What did he learn from working with you?
Rebecca: Nothing--I'm just a dumb model.

Question: You do a fabulous French accent. Are you simply a good mimic, or do you speak French?
Rebecca: None of the above. I'm a good French kisser.

Question: Your character seduces both men and women. How does she approach them differently?
Rebecca: She doesn't. She does whatever she has to do to get what she wants. She's a con artist.

Question: While you were shooting this sexually daring movie role, your husband, John, was headlining that sexually daring musical, Cabaret. Are you guys the world's coolest couple or what?
Rebecca: No, we're just ... sexually daring.

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