FMi TV Interview


Kevin Dees: So Rebecca, this is the first film where you are actually really carrying the movie.

Rebecca Romijn: I know.

Kevin Dees: Did you feel like that was...

Rebecca Romijn: The pressure?

Kevin Dees: the pressure.

Rebecca Romijn: Did I feel the heat.

Kevin Dees: Did you feel the heat?

Rebecca Romijn: Totally, I was terrified. Yeah, it definitely was the first chance I had to sort of step up to the plate and see if I can carry it and I was definitely feeling the heat. I was so scared, very excited but also terrified. And I had no choice, but to just put all my faith into DePalma, that he would, you know, not stir me wrong.

Kevin Dees: He's got a background of some stuff where he lets his actors do little improvs. I understand you were able to do that also.

Rebecca Romijn: Yeah, well, he was really great with rehearsal, like we had a week of rehearsals before we started shooting, where it was just Antonio and Brian and me in a hotel room for a couple of hours every day working on the scenes and playing with things and coming up with ideas. He was really collaborative which was surprising. He wrote the script, but he was really open to our ideas and some of them he shot down immediately and some of them we tried to see if they would work and some did and some didn't and once we started production. First of all I don't think Brian ever looked at the script again and also he felt comfortable that we knew what we were doing and we were completely off book at that point. We were able, to sort of, play on the set, you know, so he could go and set up his crazy crane shots, you know, what Brian does so well.

Kevin Dees: Now I understand like you said, you showed up a bit early to work with him, but before you showed up in Paris, how did you do any kind of preparation at all?

Rebecca Romijn: Yeah, I had a dialect code that I was working with. It's so like, the dialect , you know, all the French stuff was so crazy cause I had to play a real French woman, a fake French woman, a fake..., you know, a slight accent fake French accent, a very strong accent, a real accent, a fake accent..., like, it was so confusing, but I also had a choreographer that I worked on with the striptease stuff, which was also very helpful.

Kevin Dees: Did you speak French before this?

Rebecca Romijn: Yeah, I speak quite a bit of..., I used to live there for two and a half years, when I was 19, so I didn't..., you know, wasn't all brand new, but it was a challenge.

Kevin Dees: You guys are in Paris. I mean, what was it like on set? What was the vibe?

Rebecca Romijn: I was so, just.., I never stopped thinking about this character. Like I don't think I slept the entire time I was there, so I would just show up, just like..., just so in the zone and Brian and I were like this the entire time. I mean, we had, we had fun, but mostly I was just like, you know, throwing questions at Brian and, you know, sometimes he was patient with me and sometimes he wasn't. But he was really like, very very helpful and Antonio and I had a really good time together, he is really fun, very very sweet.

Kevin Dees: So, what is your next staring roll gonna be?

Rebecca Romijn: We're not quite finished with “X-Men 2”, so I still have a couple of weeks of that left and ...

Kevin Dees: You look a little blue actually?

Rebecca Romijn: Do I?

Kevin Dees: Yeah.

Rebecca Romijn: Sure I do. I have blue on my feet. Yeah, I've gotta go right back there tomorrow and then I go and start this movie in Toronto, called “Godsend” with Greg Kinnear and DeNiro.

Kevin Dees: Wow.

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