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Two sets were constructed in the studio for the film: one was a police station, and the other a bar. One of the longest shots of the film takes place in the police station. In the bar scene, Rebecca Romijn does a strip tease, for which the entire crew, aside from the camera operator (Berto) and the cinematographer (Thierry Arbogast) were asked to step behind a wooden wall. Chris Soldo, De Palma's first assistant, simply turned his back.

De Palma had originally chosen an unidentified blonde actress for the role of the woman with the snake in the film's opening scenes. But since Rebecca was scripted to get intimate with the character, De Palma asked her opinion. Rebecca herself, refuting all of De Palma's options, chose Rie Rasmussen for the role.

Just Acting

Rebecca Romijn says that swapping spit with other gals is "all in a day's work." In Brian DePalma's "Femme Fatale," she does a sapphic scene in a bathroom stall with Gucci model Rie Rasmussen, who's an old pal. "Having Rie there to do the scene kind of lightened everything," Romijn tells Gotham magazine. "But, honestly, I was playing a character. In my working life I get to kiss other men and, now, other women. Meanwhile, my husband [John Stamos] was doing 'Cabaret' on Broadway, kissing other men."

Original article: Page Six

Mad Mel marches out

American actress Melanie Griffith stormed out of a news conference in Rome after objecting to a question about her husband Antonio Banderas' relationship with "Femme Fatale" co-star Rebecca Romijn. A woman journalist drew Griffith's ire when she said she was happy to see the couple together again after rumours of a split because of an alleged liaison between Banderas and Romijn. Visibly irritated, the 45-year-old star of "Working Girl" and "Stuart Little 2", whispered to her husband, then left the room. The journalist was escorted out by security soon afterwards. The couple were in Rome for the release of Banderas' new film "Spy Kids II".

Original article: SMH.com.au

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