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Question: Did you have any reservations about some of the things your "Femme Fatale" role required you to do?
Rebecca: There's a lot of edgy stuff that I had to do and all of it made sense to me in terms of who the character was and what the story was. I trusted that Brian, because he's such an amazing artist, had artistic reasons for everything that happened. I was concerned that we were going to butt heads in terms of the nudity or something, but we never did. I never really took my clothes off. But it all made sense to me, all of it: the sex, the violence, the lies, the manipulation. It all added value to the story and to who the character was.

Question: What was your attraction to this film?
Rebecca: I'd say first and foremost it was Brian DePalma. It was just being able to work with him, a master storyteller and legendary director. I just couldn't believe my luck. I learned so much from him. And he had this reputation that he's overbearing or something, but I didn't get any of that. He couldn't have been kinder or more generous or more available. He was great.

Question: You have worked previously as a lingerie model, so was your dance in the striptease scene easy?
Rebecca: No! I had to be educated for that. Seriously, I had somebody work with me to teach me some moves. I didn't know how to do that.

Question: Where do you practice something like that?
Rebecca: There was a choreographer that I worked with and she actually rented out a dance hall and taught me a bunch of stuff. And I rehearsed for my husband, ha-ha. But I had to have a shot of tequila to do it, I had to take the edge off. I was really scared. It was like the scariest thing I've ever done. When you're doing a love scene, at least there's somebody there to share the moment with and react off of. But here you're told to be sexy on command, with nothing but a camera in your face. It's really intimidating.

Question: Did you interpret that scene as Brian DePalma's own fantasy?
Rebecca: This whole movie is Brian's fantasy. I think all of his movies are. If you look at all of Brian's movies, it's just a look inside of Brian's head. He projects his fantasies onto his actors and his actresses. Brian loves women and this character is totally in charge of her sexuality, she is really smart, she's two steps ahead of everyone else, and female characters like this don't come along very often. I mean, she gets to be unapologetically bad. And those kinds of characteristics are usually reserved for male leading characters. Brian is absolutely fascinated with women and the power that they possess, when it comes to sexual prowess, or manipulation, or just street smarts.

Question: As you have made your way through Hollywood, what have you learned about auditioning and choosing scripts
Rebecca: I've learned that it's almost more important what you say "no" to than what you say "yes" to. I've become
really good at turning down the boring "pretty girl" roles, the "trophy wife-supermodel-beautiful girlfriend" roles. Playing somebody who's perfect holds no allure for me whatsoever. It's just boring. I'd rather play somebody who's a little broken, who's got a darker side. They're much more honest, and it gives me a chance to address, say, my selfish side or the side that most people don't like to admit that they have. You like to think of the nice things about yourself. You're a good friend, you're a good listener, you're honest, whatever. But to be honest, everybody has a little bit of a dark side, too, so I like playing those kinds of characters.

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