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Director Brian De Palma has found a femme fatale for his picture of the same name, and she is Rebecca Romijn.

The actress is negotiating to join Antonio Banderas and Jean Reno in the noir film De Palma wrote and will shoot in Paris and Cannes.

While Romijn made a showy debut as the chameleonic assassin Mystique in the Bryan Singer-directed hit film 'X-Men,' and followed that by playing the female lead in the John McTiernan-directed remake of `Rollerball' for MGM, her casting was considered a surprise, because actresses with more seasoning read for the role with De Palma.

The director was looking for a heartbreaking bombshell on the order of a Rita Hayworth for the film, a drama about a woman who tries to outrun a past life as a con woman, only to have her past turn up like a bad penny. Banderas plays a paparazzo.

Sources said that after Romijn flew to France to meet with De Palma, negotiations proceeded quickly with her reps at William Morris and 3 Arts. De Palma is planning to tailor the script to suit the actress.

Aside from "Rollerball," which opens in August, Romijn will be seen as the computer-generated heroine in "Simone," the Andrew Niccol-directed New Line film that stars Al Pacino.

And since her villainous Mystique character was only wounded in "X-Men," there's a good chance she'll be returning for another go-around in the sequel being developed by Fox.

Original article: Yahoo Online

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