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Directors cleave to Romijn, who is inquisitive without being uppity. In the scramble to replace Uma Thurman after she dropped out of Femme Fatale, Romijn was flown to Paris to meet with director De Palma, who also wrote the screenplay. The meeting began badly. "I guess he was just irritated that I didn't understand the story completely. I think the producers had flown me in to meet him, I don't think he personally had requested to meet with me. So . . . who is this model who doesn't understand my script entirely?"

One might ask, Who doesn't need help understanding this visually stunning exercise, in which the actress plays not only the elegantly homicidal Laure Ash character but also her doppelgänger, Lily, a dangerously depressed Parisian. "I was so green," says Romijn, "I turned to him and only him. That movie was his vision. . . . I needed his feedback one hundred percent, so I begged for it, and he was really open with me, very supportive. We had a lot of rehearsal time, so when it came to shooting, he could focus on all those crazy camera shots that he's so famous for."

Although critics issued mostly faint praise, the Los Angeles Times' Manohla Dargis said, "Not since Sissy Spacek burned up the screen in Carrie has a De Palma woman held the screen as forcefully as Romijn, an Amazon blond straight from Helmut Newton's portfolio. In the age of the incredibly shrinking, professionally demure American actress, there are few women who can hold the screen as Romijn does, with her cat eyes and lustily confident physicality."

Original article: Premiere Magazine April 2004

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